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B.A.D. Girl Beauty Review: Philip Kingsley Styling and UV Protection Products

philip kingsley product reviewIt’s so important to protect yourself from UV rays and most of us probably forget about our hair, right?! I know I did until I was introduced to hair care brand Philip Kingsley. which has an awesome line of products to protect your hair from sun damage. These products are especially good for you ladies who color your hair because the sun will definitely strip or change the color of your locks. I am mildly obsessed so I had to post a review.

Philip Kingsley Maximizer ($22):

This hair spray maximizes volume, body and bounce. I spray it on my roots and get nice volume. It also adds a decent hold and shine and contains the UV protector.

Philip Kingsley Preen Cream ($34):

This styling cream protects, seals and adds shine. Its perfect for smoothing out dry ends which I love. Its lightweight and contains the UV protector too!

Philip Kingsley Weatherproof Hairspray ($29):

This hairspray is a must have for color treated hair since it helps protect against sun damage and extends the life of your dyed hair. It also has a great hold with no stickiness. Love!

All products can be purchased from PhilipKingsley.com

How do you protect your hair?



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  1. stylishly Me says

    Really want to try that weatherproof hair spray. it sounds amazing!!

  2. hmmmm, i’ve never thought abt protecting my hair from the sun. i have to do some research on this. my main concern is always protecting it from heat styling, but you have me thinking now…

  3. I still haven’t jumped on the UV trend for hair… I guess since I don’t have colored hair so it’s not as high of a priority but perhaps one day it will be.

  4. Nicole says

    This sounds amaze! I dye my hair and could totally use this! Gotta check it out!

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