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Fun Ways to Make Money Online

Hey B.A.D. Girls!  So I am currently on an entrepreneur budget  and always looking for ways to make some extra green. I have a huge amount of fashion items that are just sitting in my closet and after sorting thru what can be donated I still have a lot of stuff! So I am obsessed with sites/apps that allow you to sell your items for cash money!

Here are some fun money making sites:


Poshmark is a free iPhone App that is like Instagram meets your closet and its super easy to use. You can sell as many items as you want as long as they are women’s fashion related. They also host daily themed “posh parties”, which are great for promoting your items. They take 20% of your sale which kind of sucks but you cant beat turning your closet into cash! Come find me and my closet on Poshmark; my username is @stylemebad. Oh and enter referral code HJBWI to get a $5 credit!  🙂


Threadflip has a much better website set up than Poshmark and also has an app available for Apple and Android users. Its the same concept like Poshmark in that you can sell your fashion items for money.  They also take 20% of each sale. Threadflip however does offer a  really cool option called White Glove Service, which allows you to receive a box to send in your unused and pre-loved items and Threadflip will take care of the rest for you! This is great for those of you who have nice items chillin’ in your closet and you don’t have the time to list and sell them yourself.

There are a few other sites out their too that let you buy, sell, swap your clothing and shoes, but these two are my current favorites.


Now, if selling isn’t your thing their is always online gaming. And I am not talking about candy crush! Did you know you can make money playing Bingo online?! I always knew about online poker (which I don’t know how to play), but Bingo?! I am allover it.

ballsupbingo is a site that brings you the best online Bingo game sites around. The site is safe and easy and with hundreds of Bingo brands on the Internet ballsupbingo only promotes the best sites worth visiting. So if you find yourself bored on a Friday night perhaps you can bet some money on a game of online Bingo.  You might win big, you never know!

Do you have any fun sites you use or visit that allow you to make money? Share!



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  1. lol bingo?! I had no idea. I also like to sell books on Amazon or you can also swap/sell beauty related items. Nail polish is a big hit. And lord knows I need to clean out my nail polish stash…

  2. Great post Nix! I’ve used Poshmark a few times but Threadflip sound awesome. I’m def checking it out. I’ve been making a bit money with Kitsylane. You get your own website and tools to help you sell jewelry for FREE. I earn up to 20% on the jewelry I sell. It’s really fun!

  3. Yes, I do agree, there are so many ways nowadays to make extra money simply by resale of clothing and accessories! Connect with me on poshmark When you get the chance! @heatherwells86

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