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Twenty-Six for 26

bday post 9-8-13Today is the 5th anniversary of my 21st BIRTHDAY! No, but seriously I can’t believe another year has passed and a new one is beginning. I have so much to be grateful for and I am looking forward to what this new year has in store for me. I think its going to be my best year yet!

So since this is my special day I thought I would share with you all 26 things about myself that you may not know!

In no particular order…

1. I could eat pizza every. single. day.

2. I enjoy animals from afar, not a big pet person.

3. I hate having a cell phone.

4. I have a passport with no stamps in it…YET!

5. I am becoming more and more like my mother…

6. My bf and I met online before it was socially acceptable to do so.

7. I almost attempted law school.

8. I wanted to be a sport agent when I went to college.

9. I love my alone time.

10. I miss dancing so much.

11. I laugh at my own jokes.

12. I am a member of a multicultural sorority.

13. I want to design the perfect tee shirt.

14. I find myself watching Kardashian repeats all the time.

15. I don’t watch the news.

16. I was voted best dressed in high school.

17. I will never pass on a piece of birthday cake.

18. Ive only been to 2 weddings.

19. I love movies that involve a good bank heist.

20.  The smell of tequila makes me gag.

21. I want to become a wine connoisseur

22. Its my personal mission to purchase a Celine bag for myself.

23. My bf says I have a nervous face scratch.

24. I don’t like approaching celebs for pics or autographs.

25. I am deathly afraid of cats.

26. I hate the color baby blue especially in clothing.

If you made it this far you must really realllyyyy like me haha.  😉

I’m off to enjoy my day, but don’t forget to keep up with me on Instagram!



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  1. happy birthday babe!!!! i did read through them all, and was smiling and laughing inside, ur so funny! also i found quite a bit of myself in some (like pizza everyday, afraid of cats, not a pet person) . wow. Anyway, all the best sweetie! xo

    • yay another person who doesnt ike cats! You are an instant friend in my book! 😉 Thank you so much for the sweet birthday wishes!! xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday! I’m only 10 days away from the big 2-5! eeek! Lol I hope your bday is tons of fun!

  3. Boo Kardashians lol but congrats on #16, I was voted “most likely to succeed in fashion” aka a made up category

    Can’t wait to celebrate your b’day with you!!

    • hahaha I knew you were going to make a cat comment. He does look friendly!! And thank you so much for the birthday wishes!! xo

  4. stylebaby105 says

    Happy 5th Anniversary & Happy 26th Birthday!!! Enjoy Great Post About Your B-Day Hope It Was Great 🙂

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