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Project Subway SS 2014 Runway Show at Nolcha Fashion Week New York

Jared Project Subway I was really excited to attend the Project Subway runway competition which took place during New York Fashion Week as part of Nolcha Fashion Week which is a platform to showcase up and coming designers. The host of the event was none other than Jared, himself. He was super nervous to be hosting a fashion event, which he clearly knows nothing about lol, but it was still cool to have him there since he is the face of Subway.

I became even more excited when I was seated directly across from one of my childhood idols, Mel B. (Scary Spice)! She was a part of the judging panel for the competition in which designers had to create pieces solely made out of materials found in a Subway restaurant.

Pic I took while sitting across from Mel B!

Pic I took while sitting across from former Spice Girl Mel B!

The four designers who competed for a years worth of Subway sandwiches and the winning title were Danilo Gabrielli (winner), Jennifer Henry, Mariana Valentina and Ainslee Bowers.

project subway ss14

The popular and most easily thought of material to use had to be napkins although I really appreciated the creativity an edginess that designer Mariana Valentina used to create her looks (4th from the left above and 4th from the left below). She was the only designer to use something other than napkins or sandwich bags and her head pieces were so funky. Can you say Subway Super Shero?!

project subway dresses The pictures really wont do these pieces justice so here is a video I took during the final walk of each designer with their models.

I think my favorite is the all black 2 piece just because it is so edgy and different. I also really like the dress with the long tail and cutouts (1st pic to the left of the winning look).

Which piece is your favorite? 



Images via Arthur Mandel Nolcha

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  1. omg! I love fashion show!!! I love the 2th from the left one( green and yellow dress)!!! and cant believe those beautiful dresses are made from napkins!!!! and I love your video too!!! you got an awesome seat! haha

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