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College/University Essentials: What Do you Need?

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back to university essentials

College almost seems so long ago, but I always like to give tips and advice for those just starting out on their journey since I have been there already. Getting ready to go back is always the best part and for those of you outside of the U.S. that time may be approaching so here are the essentials.

  • Clothes

Any student can agree that as soon as the student loans and grants land in their bank accounts, hitting the shops for a few essentials is inevitable. Make sure your money goes further by buying items such as knitwear from George at ASDA, where you will be able to purchase quality items at affordable prices.

  • Books

You should receive a book list from your professors during your first week back (if you haven’t had one already). While you don’t have to buy every single book on the list, it will help to purchase some of the essentials. If you’re not sure which ones are indispensable, ask students in years above you. Books can cost a fortune, so be smart with what you buy. Don’t forget about checking the library!

  • Stationery

All students will need stationery of some kind– writing materials, paper, pads and folders are all necessary for day-to-day lectures. You can buy many of these from George at ASDA without breaking the bank. Some students forget to take a pen to class, this isn’t recommended – not if you want to pass, anyway!

  • Home Furnishings

You may have to chat up the bank of mom and dad for some of these items, which are particularly important if you are moving into your own student digs or residence halls for the first time.  You will need to invest in items that will make your house a home – bedding, cushions and some basic home furnishings can help you feel happy and secure. It can be hard living away from home – bring photos and sentimental items with you.

  • Food

If there is one thing your parents will probably help you out with it’s supplying you with food, which can really help your cash flow. While it’s inevitable that you will have to stand on your own two feet in the coming months, the last thing your parents want is for you to go hungry while you party study hard at school.

What is your back to school must have?



*This post contains sponsored content*

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  1. Great list. I really miss my back to school days. I loved attending school.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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