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10 Things I loved about the Breaking Bad Series Finale

breaking bad finaleOMG that final episode was perfection. I can’t believe the show is over, it feels so surreal. I became so emotionally invested in this series and I could not be happier with the final episode. It was everything I had hoped for! Now, because I still have Breaking Bad on the brain I can’t think of content for this weeks B.A.D. girl tip! So instead I am going to share 10 things that I loved about the final episode of the best show on TV.

10. Walt’s one hit to the car window to remove the snow fall was so badass.

9. The shot of Walt hiding in the dark outside of the Schwartz mansion.

8. Realizing the two best hit men in town were Badger and Skinny Pete with lasers.

7. Walt singing while creating his Walter White Meets Scarface machine gun in the desert.

6. The entire conversation between Walt and Skyler in the Kitchen. It was so GOOD.

5. Walt shooting Uncle Jack right in his ugly a$$ face mid sentence!

4. The scene where Walt and Jesse come face to face and you hear Jack going on about what a great “partner” Jesse was. I think hearing that and seeing the pain in Jesse’s face is what led Walt to save him.

3. Jesse killing creepy a$$ Todd. Heck YES!

2.  The final scene between Walt and Jesse. It was tragic and beautiful all at the same time.

1. Jesse breaking Free!! Walt dying at peace and on his own terms with his beloved equipment. It was the perfect place for him to die.

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen the “Free Jesse” shirt I made for the finale. I think it brought me luck!

Free Jesse Pinkman Tee

The attention to details in the writing of this show is just SO. DAMN. GOOD. I watched the episode twice last night because I always need to watch Breaking Bad episodes twice to catch things I may have missed while suffering from anxiety attacks during the first viewing. It’s been a crazy ride and I am happy I got on board (thanks to EJ, Kim and Joseph who all talked me into the show).

So I am thinking this weeks B.A.D. Girl tip should be for those of you who didn’t watch the show yet to get yourself a Netflix account and dive in!! Sorry not sorry for spoilers, you should have been watching!! 😉

Did you watch the Finale? Thoughts?



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  1. You should put spoiler alert so you don’t anger people :p lol

    Yes! It was a great episode. I loved all of Walt’s entries…. shadows at the Schwartz then behind the pole at Skylar’s. And of course I’m SOOOOO happy Jesse is free 🙂

    Glad you got into the show… now I need you to get into Game of Thrones!

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