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B.A.D. Girl Tip: Be a Treat not a Trick

treat not trick

Be a woman that a man looks forward to being with not someone he can have whenever he wants. You should be aware of your worth and the power you possess as a woman. Don’t give away your treats for free or to anyone who doesn’t deserve a taste. Just sayin’.

And on that note are you ready for Halloween? 😉



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  1. lol love it! June Ambrose has a great Coco Chanel quote on her Instagram quote today: “A Woman Should Be 2 things: Who and What She Wants” *two snaps*

  2. CinZilicious says

    I couldn’t agree more!!! We just need that will power and determination:D And happy halloween’ing to you!!! Are you gonna dressing up??? I’m sadly down with the flu at home, argh…..


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