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Five Photos Girls Need to Stop Posting on Instagram


I love instagram, but like all forms of social media it causes people to do annoying things. Now, in full disclosure I would just like to say that males can be guilty of these offences as well so fellas take note.

So here are my top IG pet peeves in no particular order…

instagram 1

  • Sloppy Manicures

I love a great manicure just as much as the next chick, but what I don’t like is seeing photos of your manicure you did yourself with more polish on your skin than on your nails. You could have at the very least waited a day until that polish comes off before posting a photo of your “art work”.

  • The lying in Bed #NoFilter Selfie

Ummmm I always find these pics super awkward and think they should be reserved for your significant other or at the very least your booty call.  It’s such an intimate photo that as a female who isn’t interested in boning you I would feel like a super creep if I were to like your pic.

  • The “I can cook” pics

Listen, I love food but not everything you eat let alone make yourself needs to be posted on Instagram.  Especially if the meal you prepared isnt visually appealing. Your chicken cutlet and instant mash potato dinner served on a paper plate isn’t getting a like from me. Sorry not sorry.

  • Blurry Photos

Your IG account should be a gallery of your best and favorite photos so those blurry pics gotta go! If your camera phone doesn’t have an action setting please don’t put us through the torture of having to decode what is going on in the photo.

  • Please. No. More. E-Cards.

Perhaps I am alone on this one, but I really hate seeing e-cards on Instagram. 9 times out of 10 they aren’t even funny and I just want them to stop. Please.

What are you tired of seeing on Instagram?



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  1. Agree! I also hate weird pointless selfies with comments like “bored”, “just sittin’ lol” or whatever else!

  2. OH my gosh the lying in bed selfie is the worst. They position themselves in ways that their boobs are pushed up and showcased and they have on makeup and their hair is done and it’s like this perfectly staged pic…that’s supposed to look like it’s not staged. I can’t.

  3. Agreed! Hahahaaha. I just scroll past the E-cards at this point. It’s just too many! The blurry pics, I keep scrolling as well. It’s too much brain power to stare at it and try to figure out what I’m looking at.

  4. Jiselle says

    Good post! I also cant stand the half naked pics with “inspirational” quotes under them like “if you cant handle me at my worst than you dont deserve me at my best”. STFU and go put some clothes on, when did Instagram turn into playboy? lol However, I am guilty of the food pics =( Sorry definitely not sorry! lol

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