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B.A.D. Girl Beauty: My Top Tips for Achieving a Perfect Blow Out

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tips for blow drying hairI taught myself to blow dry my own hair and after many years of practice I like to think I have mastered the art of blow drying. I  want to share with you all my personal styling tips for achieving results and helping to maintain your blow out. So here we go!

  • Apply a Smoothing Serum to towel dried hair

I really like the Keratin Infusing Smoothing Serum from TRESemme. It smells good, eliminates frizz and leaves my hair smooth and shiny without feeling greasy. Start by coating the ends and working your way up the hair shaft. Don’t apply too much and concentrate on dry spots.

  • Air It Out

Allow your hair to air dry for a bit (15-30 mins depending on hair thickness) or if you are in a hurry use your blow dryer to remove excess moisture. This will cut your drying time down significantly.

  • Separate Your Hair

Divide combed hair into sections and secure with hair clips. I find winding hair into mini buns — two in the back and one on each side — works best. You will then divide each section into smaller pieces as you blow dry your hair.The width of each section should not exceed the width of your hair brush.

  • Use a Round Brush

The brush you use is critical for achieving a prefect blowout.  You have to use a round brush.  They sell in different sizes  based on the length of your hair.  The longer and thicker your hair the bigger the brush you will need.  I also recommend a ceramic brush with teeth that will comb through your hair as you blow dry. The teeth separate your hair strands and help you get straighter smoother results.

  • Start at the Root

Always start at the roots and work your way down while you pull the hair super taught as you rotate the brush with one hand (your dominant hand) and dry your hair with the blower in your other hand.  The nozzle should always point downward onto the hair.

  • Lock in style with “cool button”

The last step for each section is to pull hair taut with the brush and blast it with cool air from your dryer.

  • Finish with a hair oil or serum

I love Ouidad’s Mongongo Oil. I spray just a few pumps into my hands and work it through my hair from the middle to the ends. Avoid adding product to the roots of your hair if you want your blow out to last longer. Oils and hair serums can make your hair appear greasy faster.

  • Don’t Tie Your Hair Up

Wrap your hair in a silk scarf for bedtime and avoid using elastic hair ties. I use a hair clip to hold my hair up when I don’t want to have it out.  The elastic will leave a mark or dent in your hair.

blow out styling st tips TRESemme along with Ponds and Caress are part of the Divna Latina campaign, which encourages women to “Be Red Carpet Ready Everyday“. Divina Latina products are available at CVS/Pharmacy and are eligible for ExtraBucks. Every $50 spent on beauty products at CVS gets you $5 ExtraBucks!

Do you have any tips? Share with me!



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