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B.A.D. Girl Holiday Gift Guide 2013: $50 and Under

style me bad holiday gift guideIf you’re like me then holiday shopping doesn’t even cross your mind until you have devoured enough turkey and pumpkin pie to warrant a shopping trip simply for the sake of getting some cardio in. Well, luckily for you I put together the first of my holiday 2013 gift guides that should help you get in the mood to shop… for others! Enjoy!

B.A.D. Girl Holiday Gift Guide 2013

  1. Seeing Dollar Signs Beanie ($20)
  2. My Future Baby Daddy Ryan Gosling on an iPhone Case ($30)
  3. All about dainty necklaces  like this sterling silver Pretty Young Thing one ($50)
  4. 90’s grunge inspired headwrap ($26)
  5. Pamela Barsky pouches have the best sayings ($16)
  6. Really pretty illustrated  tarot cards ($40)
  7. Adjustable affirmation bangle bracelets ($25)
  8. A beautiful antique looking lipstick holder  ($28)
  9. Perfect destination shot glasses printed with organic ink ($26)
  10. The cutest girl power tee made by a talented Mexican Artist ($35)

What is on your holiday wish list?



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  1. There are more coming? Great! I could always use ideas 🙂 This is the worst part of this season for me..thinking of what to get everyone..

    • Me neither but they are cute and with all these witch shows ive been watching lately I am intrigued! Framing them is a great idea!

  2. love that beanie!! =)
    I have a wish list but I generally put aside my “wants” so I can focus on what to get for my family and friends. It’s not because I’m trying to appear noble or anything but I generally focus on what I want to buy for myself so much that it’s nice to readjust my focus on others. =0


  3. This is a great post. I always struggle with finding the perfect gift for my fam & friends, especially since I always buy at last minute!
    The Ryan Gosling phone case is adorable. He is delicious lol! And I really love the antique looking lipstick holder! That would be a great gift for my mom, since she has an interest in antiques. The pouch and Tarot cards are really unique gifts!

    • Thanks so much glad you like my list! And gosh ryan really is delicious..perfect word for him! And the lipstick holder is sooo cute I want one! Good luck gift shopping! Did you hit up any sales?

      • Unfortunately, I didn’t get to shop on Black Friday or shop online for cyber monday. 😦 I only got to go to a local clothing store and buy a few items since they had a 50% off sale.

        How about you? Did you get catch any sales?

      • I was pretty busy running my own sale over the weekend so I did some online shopping. It was so hard to resist but I got a few things from H&M and PuraVida Bracelets (which is a great company so I was happy to finally support!)

      • Thats so cool! I’ve always wanted to have a online boutique or store, but I’m really scared to!
        Is your business based in NYC?
        I really wish I caught the H&M sale. I am in desperate need of a blazer with a boyish cut. And I’ve never heard of PuraVida Bracelets. I’ll definitely try to check them out!

      • I lived outside of the city and run my business from my home office at the moment. Dont be scared! It is a lot of work but if you really want something you gotta go for it!! xo

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