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My Top 5 B.A.D. Girl Tips of 2013

top bad girl tips - how to be a bad girl - style me badI really can’t believe another year is on it’s way out the door! It always seems to go by so quickly, but I think we just forget about all the moments and memories we made throughout the year. It’s nice to look back and reflect so I selected my 5 favorite B.A.D. Girl tip posts that I published in 2013. And a big thank you to YOU for reading them!

1. Remember What Happiness Really Is 

happiness quoteHappiness is something we all want out of life and probably struggle with all the time. I was touched by the honesty from some of you when I published this post.  Read the full post HERE.

2. Create a Gratitude Jar 

Gratitude jar I started my jar back in November when I published this post and its getting pretty filled up! Its also a nice way to end each day. Read the full post HERE.

3. Don’t Waste Your Time 

Time QuoteOur time is the one thing we can’t get back so pick and choose how you spend it wisely. This goes for everything from your job to your partner to your friends to the festivities you attend. Read the full post HERE.

4.  5 Photos Girls Need to STOP Posting on Instagram 

-Marilyn-Monroe-marilyn-monroe-31980490-500-597I love IG, but I don’t love some of the shitty photos people feel like sharing on the app lol. This post allowed me to have a little fun and do some venting haha. Red the full post HERE.

5. How To Be Okay with Growing Up 

housewives gifFor me its not so much growing up as it is growing older, but in some cases they are one in the same. Putting this list together made me feel better about life. Read the full post HERE.

Did you have a favorite SMB post or tip from this year?



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  1. lol that last gif! I’m okay with getting older, just wish my life was more put together at my age. And my body gets more achy every year #sexy

    Happy New Year doll!

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