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B.A.D. Girl Link Love: Rare photos of Aaliyah, a Fun Quiz & the Truth About Success

link loveHappy Friday loves! I hope you all had a kick ass week! I’ve been in a bit of funk this week, but I finally  got my hands on an actual planner! You know, one that you actually write in? Yeah, I’m old school like that! I am hoping to get organized, focused and motivated now that I can compile my thoughts and write them down. This is the planner I bought on clearance from Vera Bradley. Score!

Here are this weeks links I am loving!

link love 1.17.14


Aaliyah is still one of my favorite singers and I can’t help but miss her presence in the music industry every time I listen to her songs. In honor of Aaliyah’s 35th birthday on January 16th photographer Eric Johnson shared never before seen photos of her that were taken just one month before she died that you can see HERE. (via Love B. Scott)


This was a fun quiz to take and I interestingly enough got the city of Portland for being a free spirit who is smart, but sexy. I would have never guessed that’s the city I would end up with. I think its because I chose craft beer as my drink of choice haha. Find out what city you should be living in by taking the quiz HERE. (via Buzzfeed)


Success doesn’t come easy and it’s important to remember that you may have to do things that scare you or things that most people wont do. This list of 19 hard things you need to do to be successful was a good read for me. (via Business Insider)

Thoughts? What City did you get from the quiz?!



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  1. I got cape town cuz I’m so full of adventures and nature…ummm?

    Those pics of Aaliyah are gorgeous!

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