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B.A.D. Girl Tip: Have a Go-To Drink

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B.A.D. Girl Lifestyle Tip: Have a Go-To Drink

I, myself am a Captain Morgan and cranberry kind of girl. When I drink wine I like Pinot Grigio. When I drink beer I always go for a Blue Moon (with an orange) and seltzer water with lemon for my non alcoholic beverage of choice. When you have a go-to drink, you come off as a woman who knows what she wants.  So the next time you find yourself out on a date or at an important business dinner order your drink without looking at the menu. You might be feeling nervous but at that moment you appeared confident with your decision. That’s a good way to start!

What is your go-to drink?



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  1. I have my go-to drinks too! Water or tea, that’s Long Island Ice-T, green tea, or regular Ice-T lol I can never go wrong with one of those drinks.

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