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B.A.D. Girl Tip: Get Your Mind Right to Get In Shape

fitness quotesB.A.D. Girl Lifestyle Tip:

The law of attraction states that what we think about and more importantly put feeling behind we bring about in our lives so everyday I make a conscious effort to think and feel good as much as I can. In doing this I have seen amazing results with my fitness goals and I want to share with you guys what I have been doing besides eating better and exercising.

  • I have made the word “weight” a taboo. I no longer use the word weight because if you constantly worry about putting on weight or gaining weight or even losing weight the universe has no choice but to give you WEIGHT!
  • I don’t feel Guilt. If I want to enjoy a piece of cake or order french fries with my meal I do it and I enjoy it and I don’t allow myself to feel guilty for it. Feeling guilty will attract more guilt in the form or weight gain!
  • I use positive mantras. “I am healthy” and “I am slim” are my go-to’s. Always include the words ” I am” in your mantras.

It is because I changed my way of thinking in regards to my body and eating habits that I was finally able to lose the last bit of weight that I have been trying to get rid of for a very long time. I also have been able to keep the weight off (without exercise) and I am so happy!

How are you achieving your fitness goals?



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  1. This is so true! The mind is a powerful thing, and what we put out there and perceive is usually how we end up feeling. I have to work on the guilt thing though. Lord knows once I down some fries and a juicy burger, I feel all sorts of terrible. Emotionally and physically. In an attempt to achieve my fitness goals, I have gathered my favorite fitness magazines, circled and highlighted workouts that I love to do and can do at home, and I’m also using a journal!

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