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B.A.D. Girl Style: The All Seeing Eye

b.a.d. girl style ASEIf I were a celebrity people would probably think I am promoting “evil” by wearing this top, but I would like to go on the record and just say I am wearing it simply because I think it’s dope! I love the gold detail and the shirt is really comfortable too.

style me b.a.d. blogCivil Clothing Cap, Garage Sweatshirt,  Zara Vest, Urban Outfitters Jeans, Pink & Pepper Boots

style me b.a.d. x civil clothing

 all seeing eye clothes We had “nice” weather last weekend which for us was about 50-something degrees so I ventured out and left my winter coat behind hoping to summon a quicker return of Spring. However, it was still too cold for me so I threw on my Civil Clothing cap and this was the outcome. It’s probably one of the most “street” looks I’ve worn since I don’t even know when, but hopefully you guys dig it!

What are you wearing today?



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  1. Style4Curves says

    Cute!! Yes if u were beyonce or Kanye you would definitely be illuminati lolllllllllllllllllllllllll oh teh ignorance smdh

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