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B.A.D. Girl Link Love: Surreal Places, Selfies & Things to Stop Doing

link love

Hey B.A.D. Girls! I hope you are having a great week! I’ve decided this week that I really want to make an effort to live in the moment more so to help me with that I am saying “yes” to any and everything that I want to do (within reason). I normally dwell on things or think too far ahead and I want to do more of what I love and less of what I don’t want to do.  And so far I have said yes to 3 adventures and I am so pumped! I will keep you guys posted.  🙂

Here are this weeks links I am loving:

link love 3.28.14


I seriously plan on seeing the world and these 32 amazing places took my breath away. I mean seriously, a pink lake?! Gotta see it for myself . (via Distractify)


I post selfies every once  in a while, but there are some people who take it to a whole different level and this girls thoughts on the ‘Age of the Selfie’ are pretty funny and kind of true.  (via HelloGiggles)


It’s important that we constantly evolve, grow and challenge our selves and this list of 30 things to stop doing to yourself couldn’t be more right. (via LifeBuzz)





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