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B.A.D. Girl Link Love: A Really Special Wedding, 90s Nostalgia & Beer

link love

Hey loves, I hope you all are having a great week! I can’t believe it’s Friday already. I’ve been busy working on creating new designs for MyTee B.A.D. and I can’t wait to show you all! I will be keeping it low key this weekend while I work, work, work. I’ll be road tripping next weekend so it’s time to grind, so I can play. What do you have planned?

link love 4.3.14


Get your tissues before you check out this link of a father dying of pancreatic cancer walking his daughter down the aisle for her 11th birthday since he wont be around for the real day. (via Daily Mail)


This list of 21 smells ’90’s girls will never forget made me SO nostalgic for my childhood and brought back so many memories! Lip Lix were my ish; I still remember my favorite one, it was silver! I am also pretty sure I can now blame my obsession with cupcakes on the cupcake dolls. Gosh, did you have one of those dolls too?! (via BuzzFeed)


I am not so slowly becoming a serious beer lover and I was really happy to see that none of my favorites were on this list of 8 beers you should stop drinking immediately. Bye-bye Coronas, it’s been real. (via WorldTruth)




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  1. You had me at beer, and sadly I drink a few of those on the reg. Guess I’ll be broadening my horizons. What a beautiful story, I had my tissues, I think I was still crying an hour after. Great links! Thanks for sharing!

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