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B.A.D. Girl Beauty Tip: 5 Ways To Fill in Your Eyebrows

eyebrow quotesI couldn’t’ agree more with the above quote; I always feel like a new woman when my eyebrows are on point. Ever since I discovered the wonders of filling in my very light, barely there brows I just don’t feel complete without them, especially when I am putting on a full face of makeup. Your eyebrows really do make a huge difference and filling them in takes them to the next level! Your first step is to figure out the perfect shape for your face and then you need to figure out which way you like to fill them in because each technique creates a different look.

tips for filling in brows

1. Brow Pencil: This is one of the most basic ways to fill in your brows. Brow pencils come in varying shades and have a waxier formula than eyeliner pencils. This allows them to go on naturally and smoothly, without the risk of harsh lines so don’t try using your eyeliner! I personally use MAC’s self sharpening eyebrow pencil in Lingering ($16).  When applying use short, light strokes to fill out your brows and soften it all out with a stiff angle brow brush.

2. Brow Gel: A brow gel helps keep unruly brows in place. Clear brow gel is great for those of you who already have thick brows, but need extra taming after you fill them in. Tinted brow gel adds a hint of color to your brows while shaping them.

3. Brow Pens/Markers: Brow pens usually have a felt tip that distributes pigmented color on your brows. I just started using an eyebrow marker by NYX and I love it because the fine tip helps me to draw the shape I want to create with ease. The brow pens also have great staying power that will last all day. Use feathery strokes like you would with a brow pencil for a naturally filled in look.

4. Brow Stencils: Brow stencils are a great tool if you are looking to experiment with different shapes or you need practice filling in your brows. This set by Anastasia of Beverly Hills comes with 5 different shapes from a petite to a full arch.

5. Brow Powder (or matte eye shadow): To create a softer look, use a brow powder or matte eye shadow that’s lighter than your natural eyebrow color if you’re brunette and one shade darker if you’re blonde. Tap an angled brow brush into the powder and trace the outline of your brows, using light strokes. This is where the stencils may come in handy to serve as a guide to create shape. To prevent the color from fading use clear brow gel to seal it in.

How do you fill in your brows?

Share your tips in the comments section! ♥



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  1. Couldn’t agree more! I’m super into eyebrows. I feel naked when I don’t fill mine in (not like they’re lacking or anything) but just think they frame your face and open up your eyes.

    I love Anastasia but it’s super expensive. I use blink’s eyebrow “gel” (more like a mascara) and bareminerals eyebrow powder with their eyebrow brush. Sometimes I’ll use a pencil but I don’t like the look as much so for that I use DHC’s eyebrow pencil.

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