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B.A.D. Girl Gift Guide: Mother’s Day 2014

Mothers Day Gift Ideas 2014

  1.  This instant digital camera allows you to print pictures on the spot.
  2. A gorgeous high shine nail lacquer that looks even prettier sitting on a vanity table.
  3. Inspirational messages adorn these cute bangle bracelets avail in silver, gold & rose gold.
  4. This aromatherapy candle provides immediate stress relief for even the most exhausted mom.
  5. Build your own box of macarons or try their adult juice box package inspired by cocktails.
  6. A cute zip up pull over that the stylish mom can wear for her morning jog and to run errands in.
  7. A travel press for coffee/tea on the go when time just isn’t on her side.
  8. This cute mug says it all doesn’t it?
  9. A really cute sugar skull pillow to funk up her décor.
  10. Super healthy and 100% organic lipshine that sounds pretty amazing.
  11. The cutest beach radio that is MP3 compatible.

What are you buying your mom?



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