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B.A.D. Girl Style: Blazer & Jeans

BAD GIrls Do It Well Tee Shirt

I’ve always loved how a good blazer can make you look and feel so put together. Throw a blazer over a graphic tee like my newest drop from MyTee B.A.D. Clothing (launched today!) and all of a sudden your look went from casual to effortlessly chic!

MyTee B.A.D. Clothing

When I designed this tee I wanted to express how us B.A.D. Girls are always on point and no matter what we are doing we do the damn thing WELL! We are determined women who give our all or nothing at all. So by wearing this tee you are not only saying you are a true B.A.D. Girl but that you are damn good at being one too!

You can purchase the B.A.D. Girls Do It Well Tee with my reader discount code SMB20 to score 20% off!

Shop MyTee B.A.D. Clothing!

Share with me something you do WELL?!



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  1. Blazer over a t-shirt is my go-to uniform almost every day. I feel just a little cooler with a blazer and my ripped jeans. Love the photo of you! I live my life well – that’s what I do!

  2. You know what I do really well? Open champagne bottles. I am the designated person always! I know this is not very motivational… but I DO IT WELL!

    Also – loooove this styling! DUH 😀

  3. Great that you got your brand motto on a Tee, must have been fun coming up with different ideas for designs! Hmmm, what do I do well: oooh but there are so many things (ha!), I’ll say I’m a good mover on the dancefloor! x

  4. elmundooo says

    lovely Outfit … i like the Blazer it suits you very well 🙂

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