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B.A.D. Girl Tip: Take a Risk

risk quotes I know firsthand how scary it is to take risks and do something that is out of our comfort zone. I left a comfortable job in the fashion industry that I was pretty damn good at to start my own business. The hardest part wasn’t leaving the job, but rather  leaving the comfort of a steady paycheck. However,  I knew in my heart that if I didn’t leave when I did I probably wouldn’t ever do it.

Quotes about risk

If you have confidence in yourself then being afraid to take a risk shouldn’t be an issue. When you believe in something with your whole heart you can make it your reality. If you want something you have never had before then you have to do something you have never done. Be someone who chooses to live freely. Be B.A.D.!

What risk have you taken?



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  1. Good for you! Taking risks make us who we are and typically end up being a great life lesson. I moved to Nashville not knowing a soul, had no job and $900 in my pocket. Best risk ever, as here I am today!

  2. Some of my biggest risks were the ones that turned into most amazing things and actually how I met my husband! Love this!

  3. I struggle so much with taking risks. I cannot think of anyone who likes routine and is afraid of change more than me. There are some risks that I need to take and I am trying to work up the courage.

  4. Good on you for taking risks, wishing you all the best and fun along the way! I’ve taken many a risk: leaving law after doing all the education part and working in the field, and switching to fashion, leaving london after 15yrs to start afresh in Berlin where I knew next to nobody….at the end of my days I want to know I did all I could in fighting for who I want to be…

    • Thank you! And how amazing for you to do that. I am with you on fighting for who I want to be. Very B.A.D. Girl! 😉

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