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B.A.D. Girl Photo Diary: The Color Run #Happiest5k

1359641513Last weekend I participated in my first ever 5k called The Color Run, which is equal to about 3.1 miles! The run took place at Citified in Queens, NY.  Now I must make it clear that I am no runner so I agreed to participate because this run is all about having fun, feeling happy and being active. Plus, you get splashed with color throughout which makes it impossible not to have a blast! So here are a few photos from our day.

Queens Color Run

With my sister Nina and Best Friend Krystle waiting to start!

Color Run Finish Line Party

We did it!

Queens New York Color Run

Partying at the finish line!

Queens Color Run

We even met a Unicorn!

Color Throw - Queens Color Run

The Color Throw at the Finish Festival was epic!

Color Runner - Blogger Style Me B.A.D.

My sister attacked me with yellow dye!

Color Runner Nina

My sister covered in color!


I will also run for shoes and food.

I can check  off participating in a 5k run from my bucket list now! This was such a fun feel good event that was so much fun we didn’t want the race to end. It didn’t even feel like 3 miles! I definitely recommend everyone participate at least once because you will have a blast! BTW in case you are curious the color used is dyed corn starch powder and yes, it comes off easily. 🙂

Have you ever participated in a 5K run?



For more info about The Color Run visit here.

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  1. Love the photo of you with the yellow dye! I’ve been wanting to do this. Sucks that the one in Brooklyn is 4th of July weekend! What were they thinking!?! Looks like you had a blast though!


  2. Nina says

    Soo fun!!

    Wtf..the pic of me in blue looks like I have a braid haha.

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