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B.A.D. Girl Review: The Katy Hearn 8 Week Fitness Challenge

Katy HearnOn January 19th I started an 8 week fitness challenge hosted by the amazing Katy Hearn. She is an insta-famous fitness trainer well known for her amazing glutes that she built on her own in the gym! I have always been relatively slim but thanks to college living and alcohol I put on a solid 30 pounds. Since college I have been trying to lose the same 10/15 pounds for what feels like forever. I know 10 pounds isn’t a huge number but it does make a drastic difference for someone my size. I’ve cleaned up my eating over the years but I have not been consistent in the gym. Signing up for this challenge was exactly what I needed to get into a routine at the gym and finally make a consistent effort.

Winter Challenge Overview: 

The challenge ran from January 19th -March 16th and consisted of an 8 week training plan customized to either home or gym with email and social media support for the entire 8 weeks. The fitness plan incorporated weight and strength training, cardio, plyometrics and stretching. Her very popular ‘build a booty’ and ‘core sculpting’ programs were incorporated into the scheduled work outs. We also received a nutritional guide (not a meal plan) that covered calculating and tracking your macros according to your goals, pre/post workout meal examples, food/grocery/supplement recommendations as well a detailed FAQ sheet. She also had hashtags for easy video reference for each of the exercises in the plan. To enroll in the challenge it cost $200.

Each winner won $500 gift cards to the store or company of their choice. She chose 6 first place winners and then surprised us all with a second round of 5 winners who received $200 gift cards. Throughout the challenge weekly prizes were also given out to girls who displayed a positive attitude, support and /or great progress.

KH ChallengeFitness Overview: 

The program itself consists of a 5 days/week workout regimen along with maintaining a well balanced diet by counting macros. Each day our workouts were focused on a specific set of muscles and everyday you are doing something different so it doesn’t get repetitive. We worked legs two times a week and did cardio 2/3 per week. When I first started the challenge I could barely last 5 minutes on the stairmaster at level 3 and now I am at level 12 like its nothing. It’s amazing how much stronger I have gotten and how much my endurance has picked up. The workouts are intense but manageable for all fitness levels because you pick and choose your weights/reps etc.

Katy Hearn Winter ChallengeNutrition Overview:

We were recommended to count macro-nutrients which is commonly referred to as flexible dieting.  Fats, Carbohydrates and Proteins are what’s known as macro-nutrients (macros for short). We used a fitness calculator to get our individual daily calorie and macro intake based on our current height, weight, and age. Meal prepping was key for success however I did not meal prep because I have a very flexible schedule that allowed me the freedom not to. I tracked everything I ate with the MyFitnessPal app and was allowed to enjoy one cheat meal every week.

2015-05-11 13.07.07The nutrition aspect was the hardest part for me during the challenge and still remains a bit of a struggle today simply for the fact that I actually have to eat a lot more food that I am used to on a daily basis.  I didn’t have to cut out carbs or deprive myself of food to see results with flexible dieting. Its about making smart food choices and cutting out the garbage. I started the challenge eating about 1600 calories a day and by the end (and currently) I am at 1310 cals a day in an attempt to really lean out.

My results:

In the 8 weeks during the challenge I lost a total of about 5/6 pounds however as you can see in my photos I also put on muscle so my actual fat loss could be greater since muscle weighs more than fat. I saw the biggest difference in my upper body with my stomach shrinking significantly and my arms got lean and toned. My strength and endurance have increased significantly. I can squat 135 pounds, lift 200 pounds for calf raises and curl 15 pound dumb bells. The routines are creative and people will look at you like ‘damn this girl is going IN and she knows what she is doing.” The gym can be intimidating if you don’t know what you are doing so this challenge really gave me the confidence to get in there and give it 150%.

Katy Hearn Challenge Results

I highly recommend signing up for a Katy Hearn Fitness Challenge but only if you are ready for a lifestyle change. If you are looking for a quick fix this isn’t for you. If you are looking to get fit, feel sexy and make a change with your nutrition habits than this program will give you the push you need.  Since the challenge ended I have kept up with both my workouts and clean eating. I am currently down a total of 10 pounds  and I feel lean all over. I haven’t felt this good about my body in probably 7 years.  Thank you Katy!

The Spring Challenge has already started and sadly I missed the enrollment period but be sure to follow Katy on Instagram for details about her next one. Feel free to ask me any questions about the challenge and you can keep up with my fitness journey and latest progress on my Instagram account @MzNikkiNic_Fit!



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  1. How did you make the challenge successful during college? Did you have a meal plan you worked around or just did all grocery shopping? I want to do it but with college around the corner I’m not sure how I could follow through with proper eating.

    • Hi Samii, I did not stick to a strict meal plan. I purchased healthy foods and made smart choices through out the day. However, if you do the challenge while away at school it may be good to invest in healthy snacks and prep at least one meal. Then make as smart of a choice as you can for your other meals. Dieting is all about balance and making good choices at least 80% of the time. If you do her next summer challenge that starts in July it will finish right before college starts!

  2. I want to sign up for the summer challenge but I was reading some of the comments on instagram and some people were talking about splitting the cost between two people. (This obviously seemed too good to be true…) BUT It would be great if it was split-able. SO because you have already done it, do you think it can be splittable? or if its not do you think it could be made to be splittable simply by using the tools she offers? Im talking about doing it with one other person but we both have very different stats & weights.. etc

    • Hi Andrea!
      Katy told us challengers that you are allowed to split the cost with a friend/family member however only 1 person will be allowed to compete for prizes and actively participate in the challenge and receive email support from Katy. The person who makes the payment via PayPal will be the person who gets to compete and will be sent the plan and receive email support from Katy. My sister and I both did the winter challenge together but I was the one who actually participated in it since I paid for it. It is absolutely possible to split because you will be able to share the info and do it together with a friend, but your friend will not be able to go to Katy for help with macros/nutrition/questions. That’s the only difference when you split! Hope to see you in the summer challenge!

    • Hi! Katy offers an at home and a gym version of her challenges, but from what I have heard the gym option is the best! If you are not comfortable at a gym this program will definitely help with that.

  3. Ana says

    Hello! GREAT RESULTS!! I really want to enroll for the next challenge! Can you tell me what do I need to do once the challenge open, I want to be prepared 😁

    • Hi Ana! Thank you very much! The most important thing you will need is the money to pay for the challenge because enrollment feels up very quickly! Her previous challenge cost $200 so I assume the summer one will be around the same. Besides the money all you need is a gym membership or the right equipment to do the at home version. Good luck!!

  4. Vanessa says

    Hi! How do I sign up in July? I can’t wait to get started. Do you know the price range? Thanks!

    • Hi Vanessa! Katy will announce one enrollment is open on her instagram page. She is planning to have her website up and running so signing up may be different than previous challenges where we signed up via paypal and email. Her winter and spring challenges cost $200. 🙂

    • Thank you Clare! I did not see results right away especially when I stepped on the scale so I relied on photos to track my progress. But I would say after a good 4 weeks I started to notice changes and then after the challenge finished at about 12 weeks is when i really started seeing progress!

  5. Lizeth says

    Would you recommend these challenges for someone who lacks disaplined and motivation to work out? I’m not sure if online vs in person would be better? I have a hard time making myself get up and work out…but I really want to make a lifestyle change for myself

    • Hi Lizeth,
      Unfortunately with online training it can be difficult to get motivated when the trainer isnt physically there to motivate you or hold you accountable. Have you tried working out with a gym partner? That could be a great option for you. The Katy Hearn community of women are very supportive but I dont know if that will be enough. You have to be ready to make a permanent change in your life so that once you do see results you can keep going with it! For me spending the money on the challenge was enough to make me not want to give up and luckily I got hooked and have kept up with it. I think you know best what will work for you. Good luck!!

  6. Anna says

    I couldn’t afford the summer challenge unfortunately! Does anyone know where I could get a copy of any of her challenges? Just started out at the gym and it would help me out a lot because I’m already intimidated by the machines haha thanks!

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  8. Emily Flores says

    Hi I was wondering what website you used to calculate and figure out your macros. Or did Katy give you your macros for you? Thanks

      • Hi Jessica!
        I too want to get the fall promo. Maybe a three-way splitting would be even better to save money.
        I have the summer promo and it was great!

  9. Bloom says

    i’m hoping to enroll in her new challenge , however i’m 18 it might not suit me , can you post some of the pages from her old challenges ? just before buying her new challenge , to check if it got what i’m searching for .

    does it help for toning the whole body and i mean the whole body !! cause i lost weight but i need to tone it now :/

    • Hi, her challenges are designed to target the entire body. I have seen changes everywhere from my face down to my calves. Its a complete total body workout that can be done with success at any age because you pick your weight and level of intensity.

  10. erica says

    Hi! What do you mean you pick your weight, reps and level of intensity? Does she give you options to choose from?

  11. erica says

    Hi!! This was very great information, my only question is about the weights, reps and intensity level you mentioned. How do you know how much weight to lift, reps and intensity? Does everyone do the same amount?

    • Hi Erica! Katy will give you the amount of reps to do and for most exercises she will give you a range like 10-12 or 12-15 and you can choose what you want to do. The weight is entirely up to you based on your level and how intense you want to work. For specific exercises Katy might tell you to go lighter or heavier etc.. but she will not tell you how much weight to use. I recommend keeping track of how much you lift so that when you repeat the exercises you can try to increase. Its very helpful!

  12. April says

    Have you all bought the fall promo? I’m trying to find someone to split it with as well

  13. Danyelle says

    Wanting to do the January Challenge coming up! Would love to be able to split the plan with someone or a few people. Please email me at chinablasian@icloud.com or follow me on instagram @Danyloveinc

  14. Hey girl! If during the program you asked Katy for a meal plan would she willingly plan one out for you? And as for those meals you showed above, did she have available recipes for you? I have the motivation to workout on a regular basis, but terrible when it comes to eating healthy. This is the part that worries me. Please get back to me here or at my e-mail steadydriven@gmail.com. 🙂

    • Hi Kt!
      Katy gave us suggestions but she did not give us exact meal plans or recipes. However she is very helpful and so are all of the other KH fit girls who helped share recipes and ideas with each other. I dont know that she will give you a total meal plan but she will definitely give you some help if you reach out to her during the challenge. The “diet” part is very flexible so you have tons of options and once you get comfortable with it – it be comes a lot easier. good luck and if you need any help I can try my best to share! 🙂

      • That’s good to hear that the diet portion is very flexible! I am really considering her spring program in April now thanks to reading your blog! Also … Have you done her “Build A Booty” fitness plan!? It looks like a good idea but I wasn’t sure if that program is worth it since she posts videos here and there on her Instagram. And I don’t think that the Build A Booty program has nutritional information either correct?

      • Her build a booty program is included in all of her 8 week training programs. If you buy it seperately it does not come with any nutrition guidelines. Her 8 week program is definitely worth it and if you dont want to compete in the challenge itself I know she usually sells her challenge plans at a discounted price afterwards. Also in terms of dieting I thought it was going to be hard but if you meal prep and pick foods you actually enjoy its no so bad. You just have to get yourself into a routine and thats what the plan did for me.

  15. Kaila says

    I am very curious about this program. Looking into this, I am most curious on how she is recommending macros. 1400 calories seems really low for muscle building… Can you tell me what this is based on? I’m 5″2, 130 lbs and 25 and I’m consuming 2100 for 6x a week training. 1400 calories just seems like such a low deficit.

    • Hi Kaila! Back when I did the challenge we would calculate our macros using a fitness calculator on IIFYM site. Now Katy has her own macro calculator on her website. My macros of 1400 were dropped down from around 1700 by the end of the challenge because my body was not changing so we kept dropping. My goal was to lose body fat not necessarily build muscle. I was leaning out so my cals were very low.

  16. Grace says

    Hi, I was wondering if Katy incorporated carb cycling in her nutrition guide or did you just do iifym style for the entire 8 weeks?

    • Hi Grace! When I first signed up for the Spring challenge Katy did not include carb cycling but in her Summer Challenge she introduced it and gave information on it for anyone who wanted to try it but it was not required. So to answer your question, I did strictly IIFYM.

  17. steadydriven says

    hey girl! so i caved in and bought katy’s spring challenge thanks to your review! i’m really needing help with how to cook & split my macro meals equally for the day though. her plan didn’t really give too much info and i feel like most girls in this challenge are return kh girls so they already know what to do. i’ve got a scale and everything prepared but i’m so lost and cannot wrap my head around the actual macro counting right now. please let me know how you did the whole IIFYM routine… i’m so stressed! ='(

    • Hi! Did you download my fitness pal? That app will help you keep track of everything and also help you to plan your meals. Feel free to email me directly at msb.bad@gmail.com and I can try to help you!

  18. Michelle says

    I have her fall challenge of anyone wants to share another challenge hit me up.

  19. Chris says

    Stop falling for online plans. Unless you are in weekly contact submitting pictures, and everything is being adjusted weekly you are getting ripped off. I’m a personal trainer and I cannot design a plan for you over the Internet without constant communication. I can’t watch your form. I can’t tell you to do leg extensions if you have preexisting injuries. Why do you think all these ig people always have new cars, new homes, vacation all the time? They’re taking on tons of people for money, and providing the smallest amount of service they can because it’s impossible to do it correct due to time constraints. Get a real trainer and ask for their portfolio, and ask how interactive their gonna be or else just use online free articles, like someone with a PhD like llyane Norton. Otherwise you are getting ripped.

  20. Love your review! I am waiting for the Summer 2016 Challenge.
    I would like to ask you if for the gym version you need fancy equipment..my gym right now has the basics..maybe I should switch..
    Thanks!! Keep up the good work!!

  21. ash says

    Wondering if anyone from Canada would like to split the cost of the summer challenge?

  22. Diana says

    hi! looking for someone to split the summer challenge with me. It will be my first time doing it!

  23. Hi! Looking for somebody that wants to exchange Katy’s summer plan/promo for Ingrid Romero Team Edge, Edge Booty Extreme 1 (I will email link to my dropbox so you can download the videos and also the pdf with the planner, guide).
    Let me know @ andreamcelesia@gmail.com

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