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5 Healthy Changes You Can Make Today

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1. Step Up Your Water Intake 

This is my number one recommendation for people looking to make a start towards a healthier lifestyle.  By simply cutting your calorie intake from drinks you will see changes in your appearance. Plus, that means those calories can be used toward enjoying actual food! I try to drink 1 gallon of water a day. It keeps me hydrated, my complexion clear and most importantly my tummy flat! I do weight train 5 days a week so if you arent as physical a gallon may be excessive. Your goal should be to aim for drinking only water (and maybe coffee!) each day.

2. Take a Walk 

If you claim to have no time to work out the easiest thing you can do is get up and walk more! You would be surprised by how many steps you can take in one day. Get up from your desk and circle the office. Take a walk during your lunch break or go visit a mall/store. Walk your dog. Do anything that will get those legs moving!

3. Step Away From The Scale 

The scale is not your friend and depending on your body type not very accurate either. Muscle weighs significantly more than fat and there are plenty of other factors that can effect your weight on a daily basis so stop checking and stressing over that number. Write your current weight down somewhere along with the date and step away for as long as you can. Take photos of yourself instead! They will help you to see progress a lot better than the scale ever will.

4. Eliminate Just One Thing 

The hardest part about “dieting” or making changes to the way we eat is dealing with the loss of our favorite (and maybe not so healthy) foods and treats. It is not easy to just go cold turkey and give up everything all at once.  It is also not realistic and shouldn’t be how you go about making a lifestyle change.  I recommend starting off by cutting back on that one “unhealthy” choice that you make either daily or way too often. Maybe you order a sugar-filled coffee drink every morning or you find yourself eating ice cream more times than not.  This is another small change that can make a big impact. It takes 21 days to break a habit so you don’t have to say goodbye to these items forever instead think of it as see you later.

5. Think & TALK Positively 

Thinking positive is key when making any kind of change but I find that talking positively is what really helps you stay on track. Use words that make you feel good and refrain from talking about the lifestyle changes you are making in a negative light. No more “ugh I can’t eat bagels” and more ” I am making smarter food choices now”. Talking about your changes positively will reinforce and remind your brain that this is good for you and in turn you will feel good about what you are doing.

start today1Do you have any tips?

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