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An Open Letter to H&M About Its Designer Collaborations

balmain x hm

Dear H&M,

I have been shopping your designer collaborations for years and have to admit my disappointment with your latest BALMAIN X H&M release. From the moment the collection was announced I had been overly excited because, come on its BALMAIN we’re talking about here. All I could think about was having the opportunity to own a piece of clothing designed by one of the most talked about young designers of my generation, Olivier Rousteing.  However, I ended up with nothing but a bad taste in my mouth for you and here are three reasons why:

  1. Virtually Impossible To Shop: Unless I wanted to spend my day(s) camped outside of a store or happen to know a computer hacker shopping the collection was a huge hassle that I did not want to involve myself with. It is unfortunate that the people who really want a piece of the collection are the ones with the smallest chance of getting anything. You should seriously consider implementing a “no camping out” policy at the very least until midnight on the day the collection hits stores.
  2. Too Much Hype: Honestly, the collection would have been just as successful without Kendall Jenner as the face and all the social media hype because the real fashion girls/guys would be in the know about it the way we have been with all of your designer collections. Most people were unaware of the BALMAIN brand before this and while I understand from a marketing perspective this collection and the buzz surrounding it could help make them more known to the average consumer it really just turns genuine fashion lovers off.
  3. No Exclusivity:  The excitement or idea of exclusivity surrounding these collections and more importantly purchasing an item from them seems to be gone. I remember when I scored a leather jacket from the Versace x H&M collection. I was so ecstatic and got so many compliments with people asking me if it was really the jacket from the collection. Now you just look crazy for purchasing because people are wondering what lengths you endured just to get it. Not cool.

Better luck next time I guess?


An upset B.A.D. Girl

P.S. Marc Jacobs is among the next celebrity designers rumored to collaborate with H&M and if that does happen I will need H&M to be more concerned about their actual customers and less about trying to trend on Twitter.

What do you think about these designer collabs? Share with me in the comments section!



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  1. Werd up! I would never camp out of run over people for clothing! I love the fashion but it’s all too much for me too.

  2. Sadly, I don’t see it changing. They’re trying to bring new shoppers to H&M so they use big faces like Kendall or even (rumored) make the site crash so people think it’s SO exclusive. It’s honestly cheap stuff with a seudo designer label on it lol I would not pay $200 for an H&M item no matter who the designer is. It’s still made in their factories (aka poor quality).

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