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How I stay Motivated To Work Out

We are well into 2016 with February already whizzing by and it’s not uncommon for many people to have already fallen off with their fitness/health goals for the new year. We let life distract us from what should be an important priority because we only have one body and it needs to last us for the long haul. I started my fitness journey last January and am proud to say despite a few minor set backs I have managed to keep up with my regular work outs and stay motivated to do better. It is not easy but I can promise you it is always worth it. Here is how I currently keep myself motivated to stay fit and get my ass to the gym.

  • I Take Lots of Progress Photos: Changing your body takes time and you don’t always notice your progress when you look in the mirror. Taking photos will give you a visual aide to help you see just how far you have come. I am always impressed by the changes my body has made and seeing it in photos keeps me motivated to do better for when I can compare my next set of photos.  So don’t be embarrassed to snap those selfies – everyone does it!
  • I Made My Own Mantra/Affirmation: If my motivation is lacking or I feel frustrated with progress or my diet I remind myself of why I decided to start on this fitness journey in the first place. I created my own mantra that I use as a reminder and it helps encourage me through positive affirmation. My mantra: “I love my body and want to be strong and fit. I am building the body that I want and deserve. I can and will succeed.”
  • I Hold Myself Accountable: I started scheduling my workouts into my calendar on my phone. Think of your workouts as important meetings with yourself. These meetings are going to help you see progress and advance toward your goals. Would you cancel an important work meeting that was going to lead to a promotion? Nope, you wouldn’t because bosses don’t cancel!
  • I Follow Pros For Motivation/Tips: There are so many people out there on social media who are into Fitness that you can follow for motivation. Seeing these people on your feed should serve as a motivator and not a reminder of how far away you are from your goals. Some of my favorites include Katy Hearn, Massy Arias, Amanda Bucci and Nicole Mejia.

What are you doing to stay motivated? 



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  1. Even the most motivated need a little push from time to time. I fell into a rut recently and I just decided to stay away from the gym for a couple of days and now I feel ready to step back in and continue the fitness goals I set out for myself. Great post!

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