Hello B.A.D. Girls!

Welcome to Style Me B.A.D, a blog designed to help all women discover their inner B.A.D. girl.  When you think of a typical “bad” girl, what do you think of? A female who goes after what she wants with no concern or remorse for others? A woman  who speaks her mind, attacks others, sleeps around, a party animal? I think this negative connotation that goes along with the term “bad girl” needs to be reinvented. This is where the idea for Style Me B.A.D stemmed from.  Almost every female wants to feel like a “bad” girl at least once. Why not live your entire life as a B.A.D. girl? Be (B)eautiful, (A)uthentic, (D)etermined, and change the way you see yourself and how you live your life. But of course I wouldn’t use the word “BAD” without being just a little bit naughty and of course sexy! I blog about topics from fashion to relationships to career advice and everything in between!

Be (B)eautiful: inside and out.

Be (A)uthentic: true to yourself, Real, Original

Be (D)etermined: Go after what you want and get it, achieve your goals

I hope this blog is helpful to  even just a few of you aspiring B.A.D. girls out there…

Send me some LOVE msb.bad@gmail.com

Be B.A.D! You know you want to!


*Style Me B.A.D. Blog and the creation of B.A.D. were started in 2010 and all rights of use are reserved and owned by the author. Permission is required to use any form of the word B.A.D. and its meaning along with any original work published on this site.  Any and all copy right infringement will be handled accordingly.*


  1. Melissa says

    Your blog really inspiresme to push forward with my goals. Its my daily dose to remind me that I can succeed. Plus your style tips are always on POINT!! ❤

    kEEP IT UP! I know you will rule the world one day!

  2. Mz. Vett says

    I think this site is AWESOME. I may not be your typical “BAD GIRL” but I think it’s time I let it out. I am determined, I don’t stop just because the answer is no, I live for success. Everyday just makes me stronger. Obstacles are just reminders that it won’t be easy but if I presevere, I GOT ALL POWER IN MY HAND!!! Now that’s BADD!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Over a yr later still standing strong! I love it!! =D

    I know i dont comment as much as before, but I still read your blogs!
    love you xoxoxo

  4. Bjondina says

    Heii =)
    Really cool blog, wanna come more often to reaad it =))

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