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BAD Girl Tip: Realize You Can’t Always Win

As B.A.D. Girls we always want to be right, but we have to drop our egos when we are in a relationship. When it comes time to resolve a dispute with your s/o look for a solution that will allow the relationship as a whole to move forward versus a solution that benefits one person over the other. It’s about the two of you as a couple. Period. How do you resolve disputes with your s/o?  xx Nicole

B.A.D Girl Tip: Realize You Can’t Always Win

In order for the relationship to succeed you have to do what is best for the two of you as a couple.  When the relationship wins it grows, but when you try to be the winner you pull away at it’s petals and keep it from blossoming. So next time you find yourself in a complicated situation take a second to clear your head and realize what is more important; the success of your relationship or being the winner of an argument? xx Nicole

B.A.D. Girl Tip: Love Yourself First

Being in a relationship is hard work and it is even harder if you aren’t confident in who you are as a woman. You need to be completely in love with yourself so that you can properly love your partner. You can’t fill in missing voids or solve your problems with a relationship. Love should be an addition to your life to make it complete, not the only solution.  xx Nicole 

Couple of The Month: Edita & Ahmed

SMB:  Firstly, tell us how you two met each other.  We both were on vacation back in 2004 at a resort in Egypt. He was there with friends for his uni break  and I was with my mum who  decided it was ok if I skipped school for a week in the horrid month of February.  It was in the hotel lobby where we first met each other. He made the first move to talk to me.  Can I just call out that it was right after the beach with sand in my hair and completely make-up-less!  SMB: Tell us about your first date!  E: It was out of this world! As soon as we met, it felt like we knew each other all along. We were talking so much and just discovering how many things we had in common.  SMB: Where did you go or what did you do on the date?  We literally went for a walk around the whole resort  where we were vacationing. We walked for miles, talked and laughed like …

TLT: 3 Things About Men

1. Men are simple beings.  Men tend to be logical thinkers and they keep their emotions out of it. Emotions are what make things complicated. 2. Men don’t change and us nagging them to do so only makes things worse. Yes, people grow and mature, but the foundation and personality that they developed will not waiver.  3. In order for a guy to commit you need to make it a requirement for him or it won’t happen. What do you think of these “facts” about men? Truth?

BAD Girl Love Lessons

Relationships are tough and I am constantly learning about myself and about dealing with others. Here are 3 lessons I learned in 2011 that I want to learn from and work on in 2012. 1.  Complain Less I catch myself being a bit more annoying than I would like and luckily I am women enough to notice and admit it. 2. Be Okay With Being Wrong This is a tough one, especially for us B.A.D girls, right?! I am learning to accept when I am 100% wrong and just shut my mouth. 3. Live in the Present I will be honest at times I have resorted to digging up past bull shit and bringing it to life again. Though I do not do it often I want to eliminate it completely. Holding on to negativity from the past only hinders future growth. What are some love lessons you experienced this past year?

Why It’s Okay to Be Single During The Holidays

The cold weather is approaching and holiday season is in full effect and many people refer to this time of year as “cuffing season”. Its the time when everyone wants a boo to cuddle up with on the cold winter nights. Now don’t get me wrong, I have no complaints about being with my boyfriend, but this post is for all my single girl readers! 5 Reasons to Enjoy Being Single for the Holidays: 1. Your bank account is BIGGER When you’re single  you don’t have to worry about picking out the perfect relationship-stage appropriate gift for your s/o, which means extra cash in your pocket! Cha-Chiiing! 2. Do what YOU want to do You don’t have to argue over where to spend the holidays. Pick and choose who you decide to spend QT with! 3. Holiday Party Hop! The holidays are an excuse to party and as a single gal you are free to attend as many as you like. Get your flirt on! 4. Less stress while trying to Impress The holidays can be a …

A Photo Diary of Things I Love

The first of my childhood friends got married last month and it really hit home for me. She married her high school sweetheart and the wedding was absolutely amazing!! I am counting down the days until the Versace for H&M collection launches next month. I NEED one of these leather jackets! Having too much candy isn’t good for you, but army candy is something you can never have enough of. I love my new studded wrap bracelet from Bauble Bar. ❤

5 Things You Should Not Stop Doing

1. Going out with your friends. It’s so important not to lose yourself in your relationship. Make sure you both are spending time apart and enjoying time with your respective crews. 2. Don’t stop laughing at his jokes. This shouldn’t be hard to do. If you were faking it just to make him happy in the beginning  than you better keep up the act! 3. Keep your personal issues between the two of you. Its best to wait until you are both back home to talk to him about how he kept cutting you off at dinner. 4. Oral. It must be done whether you love it or hate it. And if you hate it well than you better get to loving it and make sure he returns the favor of course. 5. Boosting his Ego. Some girl just checked him out? Tell him about it.  He’s gotta know he’s still got it after being wifed up for so long. Thoughts?

It’s a Celebration Bitches!

I am so happy to announce that one of my closest friends, Luisa,  tied the knot this past weekend! It was my first time attending a wedding so I was doubly excited! How stunning does the bride look?! I love you Luisa and I am so happy to have been a part of such a special day in your life. I wish you nothing but happiness and B.A.D romance with your husband! Ahhh you’re married! ♥ Beautiful fresh flowers for centerpieces. I love the pinks and purples! This cake was so delicious! I devoured it. I loved the traditional veil, so pretty! I had such a great time and shed a few tears too.  I’m a sucka, but only when its real love. 😉 I wanted to share a few photos of the wedding details for True Love Tuesday. I will be posting wedding fashion photos this week  too! CONGRATS LUISA & ALLYN! ♥ What do you love about weddings?