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B.A.D. Girl Trend: Cap It Off

OK! So I know fitted caps are nothing new, but I am completely obsessed with the revival of this item as a fashion accessory and find it super sexy when rocked with a really put together look. Some of my favorite fashion bloggers have done it and I’m drooling. (from top to bottom: The Blonde Salad, V’s Dress Code, Vintage Virgin & Song of Style) Don’t they make rockin’ fitted caps  look so chic and B.A.D. ass?! To be honest I am  a bit iffy about how I look in hats, but I would SO rock one and I actually have before. I am currently coveting this baby here, this one here and I can’t forget this one! What do you think about this urban street meets fashionista trend? xx Nicole

Cyber Craze!!!

YESSSSSS! Cyber Monday is here and we are having our BIGGEST sale of the year with 50% off all orders site wide! Use Discount Code CYBER50 at checkout! We ship World Wide too! We have added lots of new items like our spiked pull over shirt and our super cute TEEbands made from recycled organic cotton tees! Come check us out and shop for yourself or any other B.A.D. Girls in your life! SHOP Our Site HERE xx Nicole   Photo taken by ProJEKshun

Flash Sale!

Hey B.A.D. Girls! Just a quick post to let you know about the flash sale happening at! We are giving an additional 10% OFF on all orders placed now until 12 pm PST/3pm EST! We ship world wide, but if you have any questions about shipping or any of the products  just leave a comment here or send us an email at SHOP MyTee B.A.D. USE DISCOUNT CODE: BOO10 Hope you all had a kick ass Halloween! xx Nicole

B.A.D. Girl Style: Make a Statement

I scored this awesome necklace at a really cute boutique in Puerto Rico called Hecho a Mano, which means hand made when I was on vacation last month. My bf insisted on being the one to actually “buy” it for me because he thought it was so dope, so technically it was a gift! Thanks babe! This necklace makes such a bold statement and is so authentic and different that I didn’t even bother putting on earrings and I ALWAYS wear earrings. The necklace itself is really light weight, made of natural materials (wood) and it barely felt like I had anything on which is awesome because some statement pieces can be mad heavy. I rocked my new MyTee B.A.D. turban head wrap, which is made out of recycled organic cotton tee shirts! It will be up for sale on our site very soon!! Any fun statement pieces you’re currently obsessed with? p.s Shout out to my sister, Nina, for the photos! xx Nicole SHOP HECHO A MANO SHOP MYTEE BAD 

Dem Bows!

I got these funky little guys in my gift bag at Mattie of‘s blogger meet up during NYFW. I was so excited because I had been wanting to experiment with bows for a while, but didn’t want to drop any cash so getting them fo’ free was a major win!  BUY this animal print bow clip HERE. The bows are my made by NYC based designer Melissa Matos of SPROOS and she does all things hair so check her site out! BUY this pink bow clip HERE  The cool thing about these bows is that they can be worn in your hair or pinned onto anything you freakin want, like a blazer! I mean, lets be real here, there is no way in hell I am wearing one of these on my head. It’s just not my style and would probably look ridiculous on me, but I am loving how I can add it to my clothes. Thanks for the free swag Melissa and Mattie!! What do you think of them? Would you rock one? How would …

Take My Picture

I wanted to share some photos with you all who may not be following me on TWITTER or INSTAGRAM (@stylemebad) where I tend to post random pics, so feel free to  follow me if you aren’t already. I would love to get to know you all outside of my blog.  😉 I live for pops of color. I rocked an all black outfit with these bright blue BCBG pumps.  This cappuccino from Tosca Cafe is one of the best! Hands down. Rock candy? Yup! I love how a collared shirt gets taken up a notch when it’s paired with a great statement necklace.   Have you tried rockin’ this trend? Are you on instagram or twitter?!  Follow me on TWITTER or FACEBOOK  Follow me on INSTAGRAM  my username: StyleMeBAD  Have a great weekend B.A.D. Girls!!

Fall Fashion Inspiration

1. Metal Jewelry is all I’ve been rockin lately. 2. Arms full of bracelets, mix and match, go crazy! 3. Leather Sleeves on Jackets & Blazers- HOT! 4. Slouchy Winter hats and faux fur! 5. Sequins during the day. Def a BAD girl trend! 6. Leather paired with cozy sweaters. 7. Skulls on accessories. Obsessed. 8. Studded Boots. TOUGHNESS. What is currently inspiring your fall wardrobe? *images are not my own

A Girl Can Never Have Enough

I don’t know about you, but I can never have enough accessories! I can spend forever just browsing through the jewelry departments of some of my favorite shops for dope ass accessories. You seriously cant tell me nothin’ when I am rockin’ this bracelet. Not only does it make me feel like a BAWSE, but it also helps to serve as a reminder of the goals I have for myself. Critters are a huge trend in accessories whether it be in hats, socks or jewelry. I am obsessed with this guy. I named him Bamboo. I’ve mentioned before how big feathers are right now. I love how these earrings have the hanging tusks! I just copped these and already want to wear them like everyday. OBSESSED. Nothing says B.A.D ass more than a fist full of metal. This 2 finger ring may say “love”, but I think it looks pretty meeaannnn. What are some your current accessory obsessions?!

B.A.D Girls Rock Authentic Jewelry Pieces

Name: Jimani Living In: Washington, DC Makes $$: Selling custom jewlery pieces Loves: Jewelry, Traveling & Being Creative. Jimani has been making one of a kind jewlery pieces like the ones featured below for over 5 years now. Like a true BAD girl she loves  being able to rock a piece that no one else will have on. Ametrine with Brass Balls and Brass Pendant The  necklace above is one of my favorites. It’s gorgeous and definitely a great statement piece. Cysoprase Jimani makes all of her pieces by hand and necklaces typically take about a week for production. She specializes in bead work, but is open to new ideas and working with different materials to help create your perfect piece of body candy. Multi-Color Jasper Necklace with Brown Jasper Beads Contact Jimani by email for price quotes and info: or visit her site at Get you some!  

Girl Crushin on Freja Beja Erichsen for Santa Lolla Fall 2011.

I stumbled upon these deliciously sexy photos of Freja Beja while visiting Dope Ambition‘s site last night and I immediately fell in love and had to re-blog. The Danish beauty is the new face of Brazilian accessory company Santa Lolla ‘sFall 2011 campaign and if you ask me she definitely sold me.  Her naked tattoo covered body doesn’t take away from the animal and hounds tooth print  accessories being shown. If anything it makes me want them even more. I am such a sucker for  tattoos and leopard print. Good Job Henrique Gendre. Are you guys diggin’ this ad campaign? Thoughts? Images via Fashion Gone Rogue.