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How to Be Okay With Growing Up While In Your Twenties

It’s something that we all have to go through and it doesn’t occur at the same time for everyone  (hey male species I am giving you the side eye), but it should does eventually happen.  There comes a point when we make that shift and all of a sudden we see the world in a different way. I know it can be scary, but don’t trip. I got you. Here are my tips for dealing with the process of “growing up”: 1. Stop Caring So Much Think back to when you were in high school and you actually cared too much. It’s so much better to no longer give two f*cks about what anyone has to say or think about you. 2. Find Yourself  Enjoy the exploration while you discover who you are and what you want to do with your life.  You still have time. 3. Your Time Will Come  People are  getting engaged and having babies and you can’t stop them. 4. Get Carded Get excited every time you get carded just like …

B.A.D. Girl Tip: Be a Treat not a Trick

Be a woman that a man looks forward to being with not someone he can have whenever he wants. You should be aware of your worth and the power you possess as a woman. Don’t give away your treats for free or to anyone who doesn’t deserve a taste. Just sayin’. And on that note are you ready for Halloween? 😉 xo Nicole Let’s Connect:  Bloglovin‘  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  SHOP

B.A.D. Girl Tip: Create Your Day Before It Starts

Create your life intentionally by making it a daily habit to determine every event in your life in advance, through your thoughts.  This is a powerful tool that once mastered can really transform your everyday. Tip:  Every night before bed spend some time thinking about how you want your tomorrow to play out.  Visualize and feel the feelings of having what you want.  Express your gratitude for receiving all of those things you want to happen. Wake up excited because you are going to have a f*cking amazing day! xo Nicole Let’s Connect: Bloglovin  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  Shop

B.A.D. Girl Tip: Set Daily Standards

I recently started reading this book and its completely changed my way of thinking, living and how I plan to set out and accomplish my goals. So basically I am no longer setting goals, but rather setting daily standards that will allow me to start achieving success TODAY. Here are some of the standards I am now implementing into my daily routine: 1. I will not put garbage food & drink into my body. 2. I will not entertain negativity in any shape or form. 3. I will dictate how my time is spent and with whom. 4. I will not spend money frivolously. 5. I will not over work myself. Now the key is to stick to my standards and my life will slowly begin to change for the better! What are some standards YOU can start to implement today?  xx Nicole

B.A.D. Girl Tip: Just Say No!

It’s important to be there for the people you care about, but its even more important that you are there for you. Being a people pleaser will only get you so far. If too much is on your plate or something makes you feel uncomfortable don’t feel guilty for saying “no” or an “I don’t think so”. Are you comfortable being straight up and saying “NO”?

“Never be the first to arrive at a party or the last to go home and never, never be both” ~David Brown

Be (B)eautiful: Party hard, but always keep it classy not trashy. Be (A)uthentic: If a guy calls you a bitch it’s because you struck a nerve. If they call you a heartless bitch it’s because you’ve got them running scared, but if they call you a cold, heartless bitch it’s even better because they know you are someone they will never be able to subjugate (control). p.s and those are the guys you kick to the curb!! Be (D)etermined: As a BAD Girl its known that you (and your girls) are the life of the party. So that means you are showing up late because you are  1) fashionably late or  2.) coming from a prior engagement, and 3.) you know its super lame to be there early before all the fun starts. Same goes for leaving a party, the only people hanging around are the ones with nothing better to do.  You always have something to do even if it’s just going home to snuggle with your guy. 😉

“Confidante: One entrusted by A with the secrets of B confided to herself by C.” ~Ambrose Bierce

Be (B)eautiful: Regardless of all the political BS that is behind the war, we need to support our troops. They really are American Heroes. If you haven’t seen this video (click here) yet, then you should just because of how beautiful it is. My ❤ goes out to all those who have loved ones serving our country right now. Be (A)uthentic: I stumbled upon a really awesome accessory designer named Amina who makes all of her pieces handmade. Rockin’ a pair of her earrings will guarantee total uniqueness. Check out her shop here and her blog here! Be (D)etermined: As a BAD girl you have to master the art of  “pretending you didn’t know something“. We have all had that friend who tells us a piece of juicy info or something someone told them not to mention to anyone else. As the bearer of this new top-secret info it is your job to 1.) keep your mouth shut, 2.) practice your surprised/OMG/concerned face for if/when the secret is told to you, and 3.) don’t let …