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B.A.D. Girl Tip: Think Like a BOSS

If you’re like me then saving money is probably a challenge, so I have decided to replace the word “savings” with “profit”. We need to start thinking like a boss! Our goal should be to turn a profit with our personal finances and not experience loss by spending more than we make. So don’t ask yourself if you saved enough money at the end of the month; ask yourself if you made a profit this month instead. Doesn’t that just sound better? And so much more boss lady-ish too! Are you thinking like a boss? xx Nicole

High Off Life!

We’re high on life and celebrating in honor of 4/20 with a FLASH SALE going on now until 12 am EST Monday 4/22! Enter discount code LIFE20 at checkout to save 20% on all orders! There is no better high than the thrill of a new purchase am I right? Let’s get high! SHOP NOW! xx Nicole

B.A.D. Girl Style: Notorious

I’ve been dying for this sweat shirt ever since I peeped Song of Style rockin’ it on her blog so I was hype when my sister got it for me for Christmas! I had to rock one of my studded beanies I designed for MyTee B.A.D with this sweat shirt for sure.  I have a  few different studded options up on the site, but this one happens to be my favorite! Check em all out here! My Margiela for H&M faceless watch has been quite the conversation piece. People are either intrigued by it or think its dumb. I think its super cool, but I keep playing myself when I look at it to check the time! I haven’t stopped wearing these hidden wedge kicks ever since I bought them at David Z. They are so comfy and go with any and everything plus they were a score at $50 bucks! What I Wore: |King of NY Biggie Crew- Urban Outfitters|Oxblood Denim Pants- Zara|Faux Fur Vest – Armani Exchange| |Skulls & Studs Beanie – MyTee …

Cyber Craze!!!

YESSSSSS! Cyber Monday is here and we are having our BIGGEST sale of the year with 50% off all orders site wide! Use Discount Code CYBER50 at checkout! We ship World Wide too! We have added lots of new items like our spiked pull over shirt and our super cute TEEbands made from recycled organic cotton tees! Come check us out and shop for yourself or any other B.A.D. Girls in your life! SHOP Our Site HERE xx Nicole   Photo taken by ProJEKshun

Island Gal

I celebrated my birthday in Puerto Rico, which is one of my favorite places in the world.  We had perfect weather, delicious food and so much fun. There is nothing more relaxing or amazing than dining ocean side. We had brunch with the ocean just feet away from us.   I spent my actual birthday drinking plenty of rum on Icaco Beach, which is off the mainland of PR and accessible only by boat. I went snorkeling for the first time too! Oh how I miss la playa (the beach)… Now its back to the daily grind. Le Sigh. Have you ever celebrated your birthday in a different country? xx Nicole

BAD Girl Tip: Realize You Can’t Always Win

As B.A.D. Girls we always want to be right, but we have to drop our egos when we are in a relationship. When it comes time to resolve a dispute with your s/o look for a solution that will allow the relationship as a whole to move forward versus a solution that benefits one person over the other. It’s about the two of you as a couple. Period. How do you resolve disputes with your s/o?  xx Nicole

B.A.D. Girl Tip: Build YOUR Brand

We each have our own unique “brand” and how we choose to present ourselves determines the message our personal brand is delivering to the world. This is similar to how people covet specific fashion brands because they exude quality and authenticity.  People should want to be around you and value your presence because you are a quality individual.  Share With Me: What does your personal brand say about you?  p.s. Follow my new fashion brand on Twitter! xx

Photo Diary: Just Another (Valentine’s) Day

I will pretty much use any day as an excuse to dress up and stuff my face with delicious food, so naturally I went out for Valentine’s Day. Dessert from Candela Candela in the east village of NYC. Coconut flan & Chocolate Coco Pralines. Yum. Mint Green accessories to compliment my polka dots! Gaga is saying mint green will be a big color this year. How do you feel about it? I hope you all had a fabulous Valentine’s Day and got mad LOVE! XX

I’ve Never Seen a Smiling Face that Wasn’t Beautiful

Be (B)eautiful:  Yellow polish is a huge summer beauty trend.  There are so many different shades to pick from to match your skin complexion. Have you brightened up your nails yet? Be (A)uthentic: A B.A.D Girl says whats on her mind when it’s the truth and it needs to be said; a mean girl says whats on her mind to hurt others. Be (D)etermined: Write down your goals for the day,week, month whatever, and put them in plain sight. It is good to have a daily reminder of where you want to be staring you in the face to keep you focused.

Zara Should Pay Me.

Zara has become my go-to shop lately. I cannot walk past without checking for new goodies, like these gawgeous color-block flats. The minute I locked eyes with these babies I HAD to have them, even if they were $70 bucks. Who needs a savings account anyways, right? I have never gotten so many compliments about a pair of shoes before. Everyone from my boss to random women stopping me on the street have asked where I copped these from. I have referred so many people to Zara this past week it’s not even funny. Hence, why they should pay me! So, did u peep my chain? It is a custom designed hand-made  piece the lovely Jimani of Jewlery by Miava created for me! Isn’t it dope?! A B.A.D Girl rosary necklace? Hell-fuckin-yes! If anyone is interested in a custom jewelery piece from her, let me know! Oh! I can’t forget to mention this blazer! Naturally, the pretty bright pink color draws a lot of attention. And yes, it is also from Zara  and yes, I am obsessed. p.s My shades …