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B.A.D. Girl Tip: Do some MORE

B.A.D. Girl Lifestyle Tip: No one told me adulthood meant I would find myself with less and less time to do the things I actually LOVE. That I would be so consumed by other “things” that reading a good book would be hard to do. I’m challenging you to do more of what you love and less of what you hate starting right now! What are you going to do? xo Nicole Let’s Connect:  Bloglovin’  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  Youtube  Shop

B.A.D. Girl Link Love: Kourtney K’s Home, a Personality Test & Knowing Your Rights

Whatsup BG’s! I hope you all are having a great week! We got another snow storm here in NY so I spent a lot of time indoors and started working on my goal to read more books this year. I decided on the fiction novel  Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and I really like it so far! I’m also looking for book recommendations so please feel free to share! Here are this weeks links I am loving! Beautiful: I don’t have a place of my own to decorate yet so for now I enjoy lusting over Pinterest worthy interior design photos  like these from inside Kourtney Kardashians home. I’m Obsessed!  (via Instyle) Authentic: I’m obsessed with understanding who I am and why I do or feel the way I do so when I took this free personality test I was shocked at how freaking accurate it was. My personality type is very rare with only 4.3% of people in the U.S. being INFP so its even crazier that my bf got the same type! (Via 16 Personalities) Determined: …

B.A.D. Girl Link Love: Rare photos of Aaliyah, a Fun Quiz & the Truth About Success

Happy Friday loves! I hope you all had a kick ass week! I’ve been in a bit of funk this week, but I finally  got my hands on an actual planner! You know, one that you actually write in? Yeah, I’m old school like that! I am hoping to get organized, focused and motivated now that I can compile my thoughts and write them down. This is the planner I bought on clearance from Vera Bradley. Score! Here are this weeks links I am loving! Beautiful: Aaliyah is still one of my favorite singers and I can’t help but miss her presence in the music industry every time I listen to her songs. In honor of Aaliyah’s 35th birthday on January 16th photographer Eric Johnson shared never before seen photos of her that were taken just one month before she died that you can see HERE. (via Love B. Scott) Authentic: This was a fun quiz to take and I interestingly enough got the city of Portland for being a free spirit who is smart, but …

B.A.D. Girl Tip: Disconnect and Connect

B.A.D. Girl Lifestyle Tip: Make the effort to put your phone away when you are out to dinner or spending quality time with friends and loved ones.  It’s a rude habit to always be on your cell phone and it’s actually nice to tuck it away and spend time connecting face to face.  If you have to take a phone call or respond to a text always excuse yourself and keep it brief. Do you disconnect from your phone? xo  Nicole Let’s Connect:  Bloglovin’  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  Youtube  Shop

B.A.D. Girl Link Love: An Inspiration for All Women & Men Too!

Hey B.A.D. Girls! I hope you all had an amazing first full week of the year! I unfortunately suffered a stomach bug this week and did a whole lot of resting (among other not so pleasant things) so it wasn’t the greatest start to my new year. BUT I am finally feeling better and after watching this video from Lizzie Velasquez, an amazing young woman who suffers from an extremely rare and unknown disease where her body cannot put on weight I snapped out of my funk with the quickness! This beautiful girl radiates positivity and is an amazing motivational speaker. I think she defines what it means to be a B.A.D. Girl in every way to the millionth power.  Please watch her video and tell me if you don’t feel completely inspired to live afterward! I really admire true strength. I could not even fathom what she has been through in her life. The fact that she is sharing her story and living life to the fullest is so refreshing and I want to …

B.A.D. Girl Link Love: A Beautiful Love, 4 Girls Kill It On Stage and Attracting More Money

Hey B.A.D. Girls! I hope you all had a great week and are enjoying your weekend! I am keeping it low key after last weekends fun. Here are this weeks links I am loving! This amazing husband shares the intimate photos he captured of his wife during her battle with breast cancer. They capture love and loss beautifully. via Upworthy I love slam poetry for the bold statements that are made and these 4 young B.A.D. Girls rocked it during a recent competition! via Youtube The holidays are fast approaching and I am sure the thought of $$$ and having to spend it may be a concern for some of you. Reading this post about money and the law of attraction really helped me shift my thoughts. via JoyPassionDesire Thoughts? Share with me in the comments!  xo Nicole Lets Connect:  Bloglovin’  Facebook  Twitter Instagram  SHOP

B.A.D. Girl Tip: Not Getting What You Want

As B.A.D. Girls we want what we want and we bust our asses to make it happen. However, no matter how hard we may try some things just wont go our way.  I truly believe that when you don’t get what you want it is because there is something better on its way to you. It is so crucial that you do not allow the disappointment of not getting what you want distract you from your goals.  Know in your heart that something even more amazing than what you wanted is in store for you.  Don’t ever doubt your worth because of it. Get excited and be B.A.D! Have you ever received something even better than what you originally wanted? xo Nicole Let’s Connect: Bloglovin  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram

B.A.D. Girl Tip: How to Have a Great Day

Wake up late. Spill coffee on your blouse. Your boss pisses you off within 15 minutes of being at work. You mess up on a project at work and so on and so on. Does this spiral of negativity sound at all familiar? I have had my fair share of these days, but once I learned the powerful impact that a positive thought in the morning can have on my day it changed my daily outlook. Instead of waking up and saying ” ugh I don’t want to go to work/school” or ” ughh I hate waking up this early” opt for the simple thought of ” Today is going to be a good day!”. Try this one thought every morning for a week and see if your days start to change for the better. The trick is you have to mean it when you say it. Close your eyes and imagine yourself having a great day before you get out of bed in the morning. Say it out loud.   Then while you are brushing …

Your New Favorite Tees!

Hey B.A.D. Girls! I am so excited to finally have some new kick-ass tee designs up on the site! There are also a bunch of new jewelry pieces up on the site too! Don’t forget you can save 20% with my special discount for Style Me B.A.D. readers : SMB20 What do you think of the new tees? Which is your favorite? Have a great weekend! xx Nicole SHOP MyTee B.A.D.

B.A.D. Girl Tip: Think Like a BOSS

If you’re like me then saving money is probably a challenge, so I have decided to replace the word “savings” with “profit”. We need to start thinking like a boss! Our goal should be to turn a profit with our personal finances and not experience loss by spending more than we make. So don’t ask yourself if you saved enough money at the end of the month; ask yourself if you made a profit this month instead. Doesn’t that just sound better? And so much more boss lady-ish too! Are you thinking like a boss? xx Nicole