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“Nordstrom’s Rules for Employees: Rule # 1: Use your good judgment in all situations. There are no additional rules.” ~Anonymous

Be (B)eautiful: Something I have noticed amongst “beautiful” women is that they all  have their own really unique style. They take trends and make them their own. So don’t waste your time trying to look like someone else. Its you, you should want to look like. Seek inspiration from others and then make it your own. OWN IT Girl! Be (A)uthentic: Rules Schmules. I wouldn’t be the BAD girl that I am today if I played it safe. I think the quotes above is spot on. When you are in a sticky situation  use your own judgment on what to do.  If you feel that your actions/decisions were right and you have no regrets then f*ck what anyone else has to say. Listen to yourself. You direct your life. Be (D)etermined: Delivery is key when you are approaching someone about an issue. It’s easy for us to get upset and want to rip someones head off and while that can be fun,most of the times its just not worth it. So learn to relax and …

“I’m a B.A.D girl, so I don’t really care for rules.”~ Ms. B

Be (B)eautiful: The ‘Urban Safari’ look is hawt for the summa time. Lots of earthy colors, animal prints, and khaki. Love it! Be (A)uthentic: Rather than allowing others to set the rules for your life, you need to set your own rules – your own standards of greatness. You should be doing what you want, how you want it, the way you want it all while being (b)eautiful, (a)uthentic, and (d)etermined of course. Be (D)etermined: BAD girls know how to create teams of diverse people who are very loyal, yet also challenge and push us to achieve. We make sure to surround ourselves with positive people, who encourage us, and remind us just how amazingly capable we are at getting whatever we want!