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B.A.D. Girl Photo Diary: Backstreet Boys Concert

I have always been a BSB fan since I was a kid and unfortunately didn’t get to experience their concerts until I was older and tickets for shows became a lot easier to get your hands on. BUT the BSB’s do not disappoint so this show was amazing! The concert was at the Nikon Theater at Jones Beach in Long Island, NY.  The rain storm we had during the day on Tuesday held off throughout the night and my sister and I had a blast!! They sang all of their hits plus a bunch of new songs. These boys can still shake their money makers 20 years later!  We were looooving it! I was so excited that my H&M online purchase came in just in time to wear to the concert. I purchased these studded sandals that are mad comfy and so damn cute. It’s going to be a problem now that H&M offers online shopping! The best thing about this concert was that we were FINALLY going to meet the BSB’s! We attended the …

I Can Die a Happy Girl Now

My fellow BAD Girl Evelyn and I had the time of our lives on Monday night when we attended the NKOTBSB Concert in Jersey! This had to be one of the best concerts I’ve been to. We sang (screamed) our hearts out and feasted on all the delicious man candy. These guys are definitely aging nicely and they put on a hell of a show! The BEST part of the night and quite possibly my life happened when we got to shake hands with AJ and Nick of BSB!!! I literally turned into a 12 yr old start struck little girl as they came down the aisle to show love to their fans. We got so lucky scoring the perfect seats, thanks Gilt City! 😀  BEST. FUCKING. NIGHT. EVER. Are any of you old school  boy band fans?!