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DIY Costume Idea: Cher Horowitz from the Iconic Movie Clueless

If there is one movie that defined my childhood it was CLUELESS! I can’t even begin to tell you how obsessed I was with this film. I am pretty sure I can still recite all of the lines and no closet will EVER be more impressive than the one Cher had.  I mean, come on, that computer program to pick out your outfits?! Legendary. So since the 90’s are back in full force creating a totally Clueless costume is super easy. Here are two costume ideas I put together inspired by Ms. Cher Horowitz. Lil Red Dress (not an Alaia) via Tobi Here Red Pumps via Nasty Gal Here White Feather Boa via Amazon Here Pearl Earrings by Ralph Lauren Here Cropped Black Sweater via Shopstyle Here  White Button Up Top via Forever 21 Here Plaid Mini Skirt via Forever 21 Here  Over the Knee Socks via Urban Outfitters Here Mary Jane Pumps by Dolce Vita Here Beret Hat via Asos Here Mini Backpack via Nasty Gal Here Don’t forget about Dionne, Tai and Amber for costume ideas! You could also do really good couples costumes …

Halloween Costume DIY Idea: Daria

OK so I know being Daria from the MTV series isn’t an earth shattering idea, but I really love her and the show was a big part of my childhood. LALALALALA… Excuse Me?  This will be the first time I have ever dressed up for Halloween with my own DIY costume and I am excited because the pieces are things I would actually wear! Does that mean I am cheating? Oh well..Daria wouldn’t care so I don’t either! Will you be dressing up for Halloween?  P.s. If you have never seen the show Daria– stop reading and go find it online somewhere. NOW. …. Your standing on my neck… LALALALALA xx Nicole