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Couple of The Month: Edita & Ahmed

SMB:  Firstly, tell us how you two met each other.  We both were on vacation back in 2004 at a resort in Egypt. He was there with friends for his uni break  and I was with my mum who  decided it was ok if I skipped school for a week in the horrid month of February.  It was in the hotel lobby where we first met each other. He made the first move to talk to me.  Can I just call out that it was right after the beach with sand in my hair and completely make-up-less!  SMB: Tell us about your first date!  E: It was out of this world! As soon as we met, it felt like we knew each other all along. We were talking so much and just discovering how many things we had in common.  SMB: Where did you go or what did you do on the date?  We literally went for a walk around the whole resort  where we were vacationing. We walked for miles, talked and laughed like …

BAD Girl Love Lessons

Relationships are tough and I am constantly learning about myself and about dealing with others. Here are 3 lessons I learned in 2011 that I want to learn from and work on in 2012. 1.  Complain Less I catch myself being a bit more annoying than I would like and luckily I am women enough to notice and admit it. 2. Be Okay With Being Wrong This is a tough one, especially for us B.A.D girls, right?! I am learning to accept when I am 100% wrong and just shut my mouth. 3. Live in the Present I will be honest at times I have resorted to digging up past bull shit and bringing it to life again. Though I do not do it often I want to eliminate it completely. Holding on to negativity from the past only hinders future growth. What are some love lessons you experienced this past year?

“Truth is, everyone is going to Hurt you. You just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.”~Bob Marley

Let it Be (B)eautiful: I love you. Three words, seven letters, one meaning. Its the phrase we all LOVE to hear from our partner.  If you are at that point where, “I love you” is being said, make sure you always say it. I know this may sound stupid and maybe even like a no-brainer-“Duh we say I love you”. Do you really? All the time? I honestly feel like people don’t say it enough. Couples who have been together/married for awhile may stop saying it to each other all together. It should be said everyday.  This helps keep the romance and that playful puppy love/butterflies in tummy/can’t stop thinking about you feeling in your relationship. So lets play a game of Simon Says, except my name isn’t Simon! So Ms. B BAD says, Say I love you: every time you hang up from a call with each other wake up in the morning before going to bed at night during/after sex before, after and/or during a date before separating for the day after your partner does …