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“I don’t believe in email. I’m an old-fashioned girl. I prefer calling and hanging up.” ~Sarah Jessica Parker

Be (B)eautiful: When was the last time you picked up the phone to give someone a call instead of sending a text or FB post? I hit up an old friend this past weekend and felt amazing after getting of f the phone. I genuinely made her day just by giving her a call and showing that I actually do care about her and our friendship after so many years. Texting is cool and all, but you can send a text while doing a million other things; a call actually requires more of your time. Be (A)uthentic: Courage is like a muscle, we strengthen it the more we use it. So build up on this and pretty soon you will be fearless. Be (D)etermined: Have you ever asked a guy out on a date? If you haven’t then I dare you to do so! It’s a thrilling challenge and I can bet the guy will find it super sexy. Another item to cross off your bucket list!

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” ~Winston Churchill

Be (B)eautiful: Having good posture is super important. Not only does it help keep you from being a hunchbacked old lady, but it makes you look so much better. Women who walk with their shoulders back and head up exude so much confidence. Plus when you stand or sit all the way upright it slims out your mid section. No more hunched shoulders ladies- time to poke out your lovely lady lumps! Be (Authentic: This ring is so DOPE! Vintage hematite-plated crystal from West Germany set in hot pink and silver base. These stones are extremely limited and once they’re gone, they will be gone forever. This means it’s a total unique piece! It’s also hand-made and 100% AUTHENTIC! Be (D)etermined: The above quote speaks for itself. Courageous women amaze me. They take a risk even when others may think they are crazy for it. They know what they want and allow no one to get in their way. And they never settle in life. Many of us fear failure, but I think a real …