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Happy InstaHalloween!

I blogged last week about my DIY Halloween costume and this is how it turned out! My best friend and I dressed up as Daria and Jane from the old school MTV show, Daria. We didn’t get to take good photos so I hope you guys enjoy our instagram pics! So what do you guys think about my DIY costume? A few people had no idea who I was; one guy asked me if I was Harry Potter’s girlfriend! Umm..NO! Oh yeah, and if you aren’t already come follow me on Instagram! 🙂 Have a safe and Happy Halloween! P.S I am having a FLASH SALE on my MTB site– Shop and USE code BOO10 for an extra 10%! xx Nicole Instagram Username: @Stylemebad Twitter: @StyleMe_BAD Facebook  Blog Lovin

Halloween Costume DIY Idea: Daria

OK so I know being Daria from the MTV series isn’t an earth shattering idea, but I really love her and the show was a big part of my childhood. LALALALALA… Excuse Me?  This will be the first time I have ever dressed up for Halloween with my own DIY costume and I am excited because the pieces are things I would actually wear! Does that mean I am cheating? Oh well..Daria wouldn’t care so I don’t either! Will you be dressing up for Halloween?  P.s. If you have never seen the show Daria– stop reading and go find it online somewhere. NOW. …. Your standing on my neck… LALALALALA xx Nicole