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B.A.D. Girl Style: The ModCloth Weekend Warrior

I am excited to be participating in a weekly Polyvore outfit challenge hosted by ModCloth as part of their Uniquely You campaign!  This weeks featured item is the ‘Twirl Next Door Dress‘, a striped retro inspired piece in black and cream. Weekend Warrior by stylemebad featuring a golden earring When I saw this dress I immediately thought of weekend brunches and running around New York City on a beautiful day so that is where my inspiration for putting the outfit together came from. In order to successfully conquer your weekend you have to look put together but you also have to be comfortable so you can go for the long haul. My Weekend Warrior essentials always include a jacket for chilly mornings/nights, comfortable shoes, a lightweight bag that I can wear hands-free and dark sunglasses.  Always. How would you rock this dress? xoxo Nicole Check out ModCloth for other super cute dresses too! Let’s Connect:  Bloglovin’  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram   Youtube   Shop

Birthday Dress Showdown!

My Birthday is officially less than 2 weeks away (ahhh!) which means its crunch time! I have so much going on that I haven’t had the opportunity to really figure out my exact birthday plans, but I do know that I want a super cute dress to rock that can go from day to evening with just a few changes. I scoured the web and settled on these two options from Nasty Gal. Option #1: Daisy Dress I am currently obsessed with daisy print and this dress gives me a total 90’s Kelly Kapowski vibe that I love! Option #2: Sally Dress This dress is a bit more practical and I can most likely get more use out of it. I really love how comfortable it looks and the cut out shoulders add a touch of sexy that is appropriate for the daytime. So I need your help!! Which dress do I choose?! Vote below! xo Nicole Let’s Connect:  Bloglovin  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  SHOP

Be The Best Dressed Guest

Summer is probably one of the most social seasons to bring people together since most people like to hibernate during the colder months. But summer isn’t over yet so it’s time to squeeze in as much fun as possible. Here’s how to look fabulous, whatever occasions you have an invite for this season. A Wedding: Rarely does a summer go by without an invite to a wedding, and you’ll naturally want to look amazing when being surrounded by people you love. There are three rules when it comes to dressing for a wedding – not too short, not too tight and definitely never wear white! Indulge in a new dress – the Lace Paneled Bodycon Dress  from the womens clothing from George would be perfect. Just figure-hugging enough to turn heads, and in a gorgeously summery cerise, this dress has lace panels around the neckline and down the sides for a demure but sexy look. Instead of the classic black shoe, why not work nude peep toes with this dress instead and let the color …

Today’s Menu: Designer Party Dresses, Originality and a very important job search and interview tip!

Be (B)eautiful: There is nothing I love more than a dress. It is quite possibly my favorite item of clothing to wear because it’s just one piece! Trying to pair an outfit together can sometimes lead to a major headache for me. I always want my outfit to be perfect, especially on special occasions.  So with the holidays rapidly approaching I have been browsing for some super fab party dresses. These are a few that had me drooling at the mouth. Be (A)uthentic: Food for thought: “You’ve gotta be original, because if you’re like someone else, what do they need you for?” ~Bernadette Peters Be (D)etermined: Cater your resume to the job description! I can’t stress this point enough. It’s imperative that you cater your resume to each position you apply for. Yes, it takes more time than sending the same resume to 100’s of jobs, but you’re far better off applying to a fraction of those jobs with a resume specifically written for each job. Put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes. Their job is …

Style Series: The Winter seasons latest trend is velvet; are you crushing or cringing?

Winter fashion trends are upon us and one of the latest includes a familiar friend of mine, velvet. I can’t remember the last time I wore velvet as a fashion statement, maybe second grade? Being a dancer for many years allowed me to wear velvet countless times, but as a costume. I was surprised to see velvet making a comeback and I actually think it’s a cute trend for winter. Velvet is soft and comfy and reminds me of  dressing up for the holidays as a child.  I found some cute velvet items I think you might enjoy. If embracing an entire velvet dress isn’t in your closets future, why not try a pair of flats or a bag?  There are also items like the red skirt below that only use velvet as an accent or trim. These  items will allow you to still be trendy without feeling like you are about to perform a ballet routine. 😉 1. Crush Velvet Scoop Neck Dress at Forever 21 -$17.80 2. Elizabeth and James Ruched Velvet Skirt …

Style Series: Keira Knightley took the night in Chanel Couture!

Keira Knightley in Chanel I am absolutely in love with this dress by Chanel from their fall 2010 collection. It is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful! The dress in handmade and fully beaded from top to bottom. The cream color and pearls add to the sophistication. I don’t think this dress would have the same effect if it was in any other color.  I absolutely died when I saw the back. I love love love open back dresses. I think showing the small of your back is much sexier than showing cleavage. The strings of pearls on the sleeves and back of the dress are my second favorite detail about this Chanel Haute Couture show stopper. I am going to go pick my jaw back up from the ground now and continuing hoping that I can rock an amazingly fabulous piece like this one day… *Photo via Getty Images

“Keep looking my way. My head is held high. You wanna bring me down? I dare you to try.” ~Unknown

Be (B)eautiful: I love love love this dress. The funky pattern is playful yet sexy. The bandeau top underneath gives it even more sex appeal and the price makes me happy! Be (A)uthentic: People love to talk and as a B.A.D girl you make it hard for them to talk about you because all you do is prosper. The only reason any one should talk behind your back is because you are so far ahead of them in life. 😉 Be (D)etermined: If a guy has the ability to let you go then he hasn’t realized your worth. A man who knows and appreciates what he has with a woman will be damned if he loses her, especially if he has lost her once before.

“You’re worth much more than an occassional ‘I love You’. I’m thinking of you.” ~ Trey Songz

Be (B)eautiful: This dress is so romantic. Perfect for a date with your guy or a ladies night with your main chick! Be (A)uthentic: Know your self-worth and VALUE IT. Guard what you value in a relationship as if it is an expensive rare diamond you refuse to ever lose.  So many women know what they want, but wind up lowering their standards to please a man or to simply just be “in a relationship” with someone, anyone. Don’t get desperate. I bet if you hold out for THAT guy he will make it worth the wait. Be (D)etermined: Being in an unhealthy relationship is obviously never good for either party involved. However, I am concerned about YOU, BAD girl. If you don’t feel valued or appreciated by your partner than what are you holding on for? If you feel like you are constantly giving only to be given nothing in return then it may be time to evaluate your situation and most likely get out of it! B.A.D girl song for empowerment to get …