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A Girl Can Never Have Enough

I don’t know about you, but I can never have enough accessories! I can spend forever just browsing through the jewelry departments of some of my favorite shops for dope ass accessories. You seriously cant tell me nothin’ when I am rockin’ this bracelet. Not only does it make me feel like a BAWSE, but it also helps to serve as a reminder of the goals I have for myself. Critters are a huge trend in accessories whether it be in hats, socks or jewelry. I am obsessed with this guy. I named him Bamboo. I’ve mentioned before how big feathers are right now. I love how these earrings have the hanging tusks! I just copped these and already want to wear them like everyday. OBSESSED. Nothing says B.A.D ass more than a fist full of metal. This 2 finger ring may say “love”, but I think it looks pretty meeaannnn. What are some your current accessory obsessions?!

Super Bowl Style Inspiration.

Super Bowl weekend is finally upon us and for some of us that means party time for probably 1 of 3 reasons: 1. You are an actual football fan 2. Football Shmootball just pass me some wings and beer please! 3. Football Season is over. You can have your man back now. So what do us B.A.D girls wear for such an occasion? This year I am deciding to go with a casual (but still sexy) look that is both house and bar appropriate. It is a football game, so if you are hanging with the fellas you want to look cool and relaxed, but still have that feminine sex appeal. A B.A.D  girl can rock this simple look and still make the boys break away from the TV screen long enough to give you the damn-she-is-hot-look. 😉 Shop the Look: 1. Heritage 1981 Basic Long Sleeve Tee – Forever 21 2. Faux Leather Gilet – TopShop 3. G Star Tapered Jean – ASOS 4. NFL PINK Panties – Victoria’s Secret 5. ASOS Avanti Canvas …