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B.A.D. Girl Style: Freak Out!

What I Wore: Zara Tee, Free People Jeans, Dolce Vita Sandals, Michael Kors Watch, Nidia E Earrings  & Target belt My awesome dad surprised me last week with tickets to see my FAVORITE comedian, Mr. Kevin James! I am obsessed with this man and I am not even joking. I would marry him if I could, but don’t tell the bf! I def freaked out when my dad told me I was going so I thought this shirt would be appropriate to wear! I wanted to be comfortable, but of course stylish in the event that I met the love of my life face to face! I went to the show with my sister and we had a great time (minus the $22 spent on 2 beers – outlandish!). I was literally jumping out of my seat waiting to see Kevin in person! I am obsessed with his humor so he of course had me dying during the show! They prohibited the use of cameras in the theater, but I snuck mine in anyways (rules, …

Some inspiration fo’ yo’ Monday.

Saw this photo of Ashley Olsen on the blog Olsen Anonymous  and I immediately fell in LOVE. I want to copy this exact look. The sheer top, black bra and rolled up slacks to allow the studded shoes to be shown off is fuckin perfection! Tribal will be a big trend for summer. Free People’s new look book has me diggin it. I love all the funky accessories. Seeing pics of Kanye rockin this women’s top by Celine (which, I think is Dope) reminded me about how I really want to start incorporating pieces of mens clothing & accessories into my wardrobe. I am ON IT. Quote of the Week:  “Contemplation often makes life miserable.  We should act more, think less, and stop watching ourselves live.”  ~Nicolas de Chamfort Make it a good one dolls!  xxo