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B.A.D. Girl Style: Oh, baby!

I attended a baby shower for my beautiful sorority sister, Nazly, this past weekend. She is expecting her first child and it’s a girl! YAY! I wore a daisy print dress from Zara with a lace blazer and Prabal Gurung x Target heels. My lovely friend looked amazing in a dress she scored on Gilt! As part of my gift I made baby girl her first studded piece, a turband! It was the tiniest one Ive ever made and I think it came out friggen adorable! I can’t wait to see the little princess wear it! The baby shower was a blast and I love any opportunity to spend time with my sorority sisters! We are all so excited for the newest arrival! Have you been to a baby shower recently? xx Nicole Let’s Connect: Bloglovin Facebook Twitter Instagram

BAD Girl Tip: Invest in Quality Over Quantity

I am very quickly starting to realize the importance of having good quality fashion pieces that are timeless and can take a beating over having a closet stuffed full with lots of fast fashion  items. PART 1 of this weeks tip is to save up and invest in quality items that will become staples in your wardrobe for years to come. Here are some items perfect for fall that are worth dropping the extra $$: Part 2 of this tip is about being aware of the people you choose to keep as part of your life. Time is our most precious asset so choose wisely who you decide to give yours too. Be friendly with everyone you meet, but realize who is worth your time and make an effort to spend it with them. Life is short and us B.A.D. Girls live our lives with no regrets, just lessons learned! xx Nicole

New Place with Old Friends

I crossed another item off my SUMMER MUST DO LIST over the weekend and visited some place new! I got together with a couple of my oldest amigas and we hit up this really cool sea food restaurant/beach party/chill spot called Pops Seafood Shack located at a Marina in Long Island, NY. This place gets super packed especially on really nice days, but we got pretty lucky and didn’t have to wait too long to get our grub on. I had my girls try baked clams casino for the time and I think they liked it! I ordered a crab cake BLT sandwich and it was pretty delish. My only complaint is there was too much bun. I eventually gave up and just starting chowing down on the actual crab cake sans the bun. Andddd YES, that is guacamole on my crab cake sandwich! YUMO! My friend got a sick new tat and was rockin’ her custom MyTee BAD arm swag I made her! I kept it simple with ripped jeans, a super cute skull muscle tank and …

Street Style Done Wedding Style.

My favorite part of my outfit was my Rachel Roy shoes I scored at Macy’s!  They were the last pair in stock AND they were in my size, which means I had to buy them!  They are super comfy and I lasted throughout the entire wedding with them on. Sa-weet! Rachel Roy Elvern Peep Toe Pumps. I am obsessed and want to wear them all the time. Do you like? Nazly went for a vintage inspired look with this floral print dress. She looked absolutely adorable and a wedding was the perfect occasion for this look! Lindsey’s dress had shoulder pads and just the right amount of cleavage. Love! Jenny looked feminine yet funky in this pretty yellow spring dress with blue sandals. Workin’ it! Evelyn went for a classic  look ” but spiced it up with gorgeous peep toe heels.  So fab! Nicole rocked a dress she bought while traveling in London. She looked so feminine and delicate. Megan’s dress (my fave) was tailored to fit her frame to perfection. It’s so cute and it gives off a vintage feel …

A Photo Diary of Things of I love Part II

I have been on a mission for a hot pink blazer and ZARA came thru for me with this sexy lil thing! Snatched it up as soon as I saw it yesterday. I CAN’T wait to rock it! Peanut Butter and Jelly (crack) filled Peanut Butter cookies from the TREAT TRUCK in NYC. De-lish! Doesn’t this ring look like something you would find in your grandma’s jewelry box? I dig it, a lot. My good friend Emily made a very brave life decision this week. It’s one that I have to admit not many people would have the balls to do, but then again she is a B.A.D girl! I am very proud of you, Emily. ♥!

“Beauty is power; a smile is its sword” ~C. Reade

Be (B)eautiful: Sweatpants, hair tied, no make up on and you should still feel beautiful because YOU ARE! I stumbled upon this Facebook Group called Operation Beautiful and its all about spreading love and making others feel beautiful by writing positive notes  and leaving them around in public places like bathrooms, dorms,  the gym, at your job, on a desk, on someones car, anywhere! Do IT!! Be (A)uthentic: Scarves are my obsession now that the temperatures in NY have started dropping. Scarves may be the only reason I enjoy cold weather to be honest! I found this company called Letau Designs that sells beautiful  hooded and drawstring scarves. As you all know I love a unique fashion find! I have seen hooded scarves before, but the drawstring ones are new to my eyes and I am diggin’ it! What do you ladies think? Be (D)etermined: When networking it’s a good idea to write down on the business cards you receive where it was that  you actually met the person. Was it at a conference, fashion …

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” ~Unknown

Be (B)eautiful: You can have all the success, money, and fame in the world, but at the end of the day what really matters is whose life you touched while here on this earth. It’s about supporting, helping, caring and loving those people who come into your life. Be (A)uthentic: Next time a friend comes to you with a problem, try your hardest to relate to them and share a story of a similar situation or experience and how you handled it. If you went about it the wrong way, right way, whatever, share it with them. It really helps. Be (D)etermined: It is great to be ambitious and hardworking , but don’t forget to enjoy life every now and then with the people around you. You want to be supported when you finally “make it”. Don’t forget it can be real lonely at the top if you don’t have people to share your success with.

“How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something, but to be someone.” ~Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel

Be (B)eautiful: Thank everyone who supports you throughout the day. The list of those who you come in contact with is endless. Be (A)uthentic: Here is some food for thought: Would you want to be friends with you? Think about your friendships and how you treat people. Would you consider yourself are a great friend? Be (D)etermined: Guys hate it when you talk about your ex-boyfriend. I know us females want to be nosy and find out what the ex g/f was like b/c we want to know what attracts him and of course what she did wrong! But refrain from speaking about the ex at all costs and if he asks you questions about him keep it simple. Don’t go gushing your heart out as if he was one of your girls and not your love interest. Give him the facts of the relationship without the accusations and bull shit.  For example: We just weren’t compatible or he wasn’t ready to settle down.  And most important, always make yourself look like the innocent party. …

“Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest… It’s about who came, and never left your side.” ♥

Be (B)eautiful: You should treat everyone who comes into your life with kindness because you never know what role that person is meant to play in your life. Many people will come into your life and it will be temporary, but I bet if you think back on it- good, bad, or ugly they helped you or taught you something along the way. Be (A)uthentic: True friendship is hard to find so when you do, it should be cherished. However, I don’t think how long you know someone should be an indicator of how good of a friendship you have. You can meet someone tomorrow who becomes your best friend for the rest of your adult life and that person you knew since junior high becomes a stranger. Finding someone you feel so comfortable with that you can  be your inner dorky/awkward self (don’t deny this ;-)) around means more than how many years you have together. Be (D)etermined: As a B.A.D Girl you give off this attractive energy that draws people to you. Everyone …

“I don’t believe in email. I’m an old-fashioned girl. I prefer calling and hanging up.” ~Sarah Jessica Parker

Be (B)eautiful: When was the last time you picked up the phone to give someone a call instead of sending a text or FB post? I hit up an old friend this past weekend and felt amazing after getting of f the phone. I genuinely made her day just by giving her a call and showing that I actually do care about her and our friendship after so many years. Texting is cool and all, but you can send a text while doing a million other things; a call actually requires more of your time. Be (A)uthentic: Courage is like a muscle, we strengthen it the more we use it. So build up on this and pretty soon you will be fearless. Be (D)etermined: Have you ever asked a guy out on a date? If you haven’t then I dare you to do so! It’s a thrilling challenge and I can bet the guy will find it super sexy. Another item to cross off your bucket list!