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Sock It To Me

I am not sure when the obsession started exactly, but I have gone sock crazy. I want everything from thigh highs to crew socks! Actually, I take that back! I have always been into socks, but now I want to take my socks out from hiding and show them to the world. My favorite looks have to be slouchy socks paired with boots and knee/thigh highs over tights.  Obsessed. I made my weekly visit to TJ Maxx  on Sunday and stocked up on some cute ass crew socks! Crew socks are the easiest to wear, just throw them on with a pair of boots or even heels if you’re real bold! What are you sockin under your shoes??! Yea, I just made up my own word, and its sockin, not rockin. 😉 *images via WEHEARTIT