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Today Is The Day

Hey Friends! I apologize for the lack of posts recently as I am currently undergoing a new and exciting transition in my life! I took this photo and posted it to my instagram account on my last day of work; I resigned! It feels amazing and I look forward to the challenges, opportunities, and freedoms that await me! But for now I am taking it one day at a time because all we really have is Today. Make your life count! Expect regular posts and more soon! xx Nicole Follow Me: Instagram :: Facebook :: Twitter :: Bloglovin

B.A.D. Girl Tip: Live In The Now

The problem with setting goals is that they keep you focused on the future as opposed to the most important time, which is the now.  Create standards that you can follow each day that will allow you to live your life everyday as your best B.A.D. Girl self. Life is a sequence of moments all called now. Your nows will determine the outcome of your tomorrows (future) so focus on making the best out of them. How are you choosing to live each day? xx Nicole

B.A.D. Girl Tip: Don’t Waste Your Time

This quote just gives me life!  There is nothing worse than wasted time. I really admire people who make an effort to make each day count. Start by setting daily standards that you will stick to and allow for you to do more of what you love and less of what you hate. Set standards that allow you to determine how, when and with whom your time is spent. Your future is predicated on the decisions you make in the present so why not focus your energy on the NOW? Are you spending your time the way YOU want to? xx Nicole

The B.A.D. Girl Movement – #MySmarterCommerce

I began on this journey just shy of 3 years ago because I really disliked how the term “bad girl”  had been misconstrued into something really negative and ugly. I decided to use the blogosphere as my platform to get my voice heard and help create my own unique definition of what it means to be B.A.D. I started MTB Clothing because I wanted to design tangible items that when worn make you feel confident and fearless and remind you to always be Beautiful, Authentic and Determined. You know how wearing a leather jacket instantly makes you feel like a badass? I want our pieces to do that to you. The mission is to create a movement that will change the way we think when we hear the term “bad girl”. Instead of it being seen as a negative it will become a positive title that women will be proud to carry.  Tell me why YOU are a B.A.D. Girl for a chance to be featured on my blog! xx Nicole

TLT: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Love is in the air orrrr maybe I just like any excuse for shopping and gift giving/receiving! I got together with the lovely Erin of Spikes & Sequins to shoot some fun Valentine’s Day promo pics for MyTee B.A.D.  and I decided to put together a gift guide with some of our items that I think will make great gifts for Valentines Day. So email this link to your boo and let him know you want some B.A.D. Girl swag orrr you can just treat yourself because at the end of the day we should all be our own true love, right?!   Gift Guide Items: 1. Oxblood Studded Pullover- Buy Here 2. Double Heart Hand Chain- Buy Here 3. Mixed Studs Neon Beanie- Buy Here 4. Sweetheart Skull Bracelet- Buy Here 5. Large Red Skull Bracelet- Buy Here 6. Silver Heart Hand Chain- Buy Here Don’t forget to use discount code LOVE25 to save 25% on orders placed now thru 2/14! What are your Valentine’s Day plans?! xx Nicole SHOP MyTee B.A.D.

B.A.D. Girl Style: Notorious

I’ve been dying for this sweat shirt ever since I peeped Song of Style rockin’ it on her blog so I was hype when my sister got it for me for Christmas! I had to rock one of my studded beanies I designed for MyTee B.A.D with this sweat shirt for sure.  I have a  few different studded options up on the site, but this one happens to be my favorite! Check em all out here! My Margiela for H&M faceless watch has been quite the conversation piece. People are either intrigued by it or think its dumb. I think its super cool, but I keep playing myself when I look at it to check the time! I haven’t stopped wearing these hidden wedge kicks ever since I bought them at David Z. They are so comfy and go with any and everything plus they were a score at $50 bucks! What I Wore: |King of NY Biggie Crew- Urban Outfitters|Oxblood Denim Pants- Zara|Faux Fur Vest – Armani Exchange| |Skulls & Studs Beanie – MyTee …

B.A.D. Girl Tip: Have Faith

Faith is what will help you take risks and over come obstacles because you will choose to believe that everything will be OK and that all will work out the way it is supposed to. When you experience times of trouble it allows for the opportunity to consciously choose faith over fear. As you strengthen your habit of choosing faith, you experience first hand how faith carries you along safely. No risk; no reward, right? Happy MLK JR Day! xx Nicole

B.A.D. Girl Trend: Layer Love

My latest obsession involves piling on necklaces and creating a really cool dare I say neck party? What I am really loving is pairing up delicate pieces with longer funkier ones or just rocking a few delicate chains at different lengths. I don’t think there is a perfect number of necklaces to create a kick ass look, but I def think you need more than 2 chainz, no lie. LOL Now I am on the hunt for really cool dainty necklaces and I am also working on designing some for MyTee B.A.D. so stay tuned! What types of pieces do you rock? Do you layer your necklaces? xx Nicole

B.A.D. Girl Tip: How to Control Your Thoughts

All success in life whether material or spiritual starts with the thoughts that you put into your mind every second of every day. Your outer world reflects the state of your inner world. By controlling the thoughts that you think and the way you respond to the events in your life, you begin to control your destiny. True Story. My life has changed for the better the second I started living with a positive mind. How to Control Your thoughts: 1. Recognize when a negative thought is clouding your outlook. 2. Re-think your negative thought and change it to a positive one. 3. Reinforce yourself that the positive thought in your mind is the correct choice. 4. Repeat the thought as many times as necessary until you believe in it wholeheartedly. How do you practice positivity in your life?

Happy New Year!

I am really excited for the new year! I am ready to make big changes and embark on a  journey to true happiness and success. I don’t believe in resolutions or goals anymore, but prefer to set daily standards that will help me achieve everything I desire. Here are 3 things I am looking forward to in 2013: Leaving my full time job to pursue my passions and grow my company MyTee BAD Getting back into a steady fitness routine and start taking dance classes again The unexpected and unknown I hope this year brings you all much success, love and happiness. Take risks, be adventurous and be true to yourself! Happy New Year! What are you looking forward to this year? xx Nicole image via