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B.A.D. Girl Tips for New Years Eve Success

Three Tips to Help You Have a Kick Ass New Years Eve: 1. Dress to Kill & Pucker Up Nothing puts me in a better mood than when I am in love with my outfit and NYE is the perfect time to get ridiculously dressed up. I am diggin’ these killer dresses here, here and here. I also recommend wearing a bold lip especially if its something you don’t do often. My top picks for your pucker here, here and here. 2. Drink Like A Lady I am all for a good time, but not about baby sitting or being the one people have to babysit. Its not cute. Ever. So if you’re going to drink peep the below tips. Pop some B12 vitamins before you start your drinking (helps fight that nasty hungover feeling + gives you energy!) Pick your poison of choice and stick to it for the night Beer should be your final drink(s) (liquor before beer and you’re in the clear) 3. Ring it in with the Right People Its ALL …

B.A.D. Girl Trend: Cap It Off

OK! So I know fitted caps are nothing new, but I am completely obsessed with the revival of this item as a fashion accessory and find it super sexy when rocked with a really put together look. Some of my favorite fashion bloggers have done it and I’m drooling. (from top to bottom: The Blonde Salad, V’s Dress Code, Vintage Virgin & Song of Style) Don’t they make rockin’ fitted caps  look so chic and B.A.D. ass?! To be honest I am  a bit iffy about how I look in hats, but I would SO rock one and I actually have before. I am currently coveting this baby here, this one here and I can’t forget this one! What do you think about this urban street meets fashionista trend? xx Nicole

B.A.D. Girl Tip: Set Daily Standards

I recently started reading this book and its completely changed my way of thinking, living and how I plan to set out and accomplish my goals. So basically I am no longer setting goals, but rather setting daily standards that will allow me to start achieving success TODAY. Here are some of the standards I am now implementing into my daily routine: 1. I will not put garbage food & drink into my body. 2. I will not entertain negativity in any shape or form. 3. I will dictate how my time is spent and with whom. 4. I will not spend money frivolously. 5. I will not over work myself. Now the key is to stick to my standards and my life will slowly begin to change for the better! What are some standards YOU can start to implement today?  xx Nicole

The 2012 Fashionista Holiday Gift Guide

So I am really excited to bring you B.A.D. Girls the 2012 Fashionista Gift Guide hosted by Laura of Blush and Bleakers, Kimberlee of I have a Degree In This! and myself! We all got together to bring you some of our favorite items from really awesome brands that we love and think will make kick ass gifts this holiday season for your loved ones (and yourself of course)! Make sure you click through the pages to check out all of the brands featured and the awesome discounts and special deals being offered! I was unable to post the actual guide with the click to buy option so you can click HERE to check it out too and shop directly from the pages. We hope this guide will help you pick out some great gifts for your beauty and fashion loving friends and fam. We are also hosting a TWITTER Party this Tuesday!! I hope you can join us!! Don’t forget to treat yourself too this holiday season! xx Nicole

Cyber Craze!!!

YESSSSSS! Cyber Monday is here and we are having our BIGGEST sale of the year with 50% off all orders site wide! Use Discount Code CYBER50 at checkout! We ship World Wide too! We have added lots of new items like our spiked pull over shirt and our super cute TEEbands made from recycled organic cotton tees! Come check us out and shop for yourself or any other B.A.D. Girls in your life! SHOP Our Site HERE xx Nicole   Photo taken by ProJEKshun

B.A.D. Girl Tip: Just DANCE!

So as  I was watching Grey’s Anatomy recently I fell in love with the idea of a ’30 second dance party’ to help you relax and de-stress.Music  can change your mood and I definitely use it as my own form of therapy. So all you need for this party is (1.) a song you can dance to, (2) a space big enough for you to move freely in and (3.) yourself, but feel free to invite coworkers, friends or family to join you who also need a few seconds to let loose. Put that song on (or you can just improvise) and start shaking what your momma gave ya for at least 30 seconds. Here are some of my favorite 30 Second Dance Party tracks! 1. “Drop it Like Its Hot” By Snoop Dog makes me want to shake it like I am in the Sun Drop commercial 2. “Rollin” by Limp Bizkit is a good head banger that brings me back to my youth 3.  “Scream“ by Michael and Janet Jackson is perfect for a stress relief dance off …

B.A.D. Girl Tip: Don’t Be An Idiot

We all have that person we work with who follows all the rules, is always on time and  super annoying because they work harder and not smarter and they probably try to drag us into their stupid ways. I hope this isn’t you but IF it is than this post will help you! Five Tips for Working Smarter vs Harder:  1. Understand the main objective of your job and the role you play in the success of the company  2.  Don’t sweat the small stuff and look at the BIGGER picture  3. Prioritize!  4. Ask questions and understand the process BEYOND your role  5. Break rules when necessary!  If you want to advance in your career you need to work smart and show it to management. No one is going to promote the girl who stresses every little ridiculous task and doesn’t focus her energy on what is most important.  Yes, the stupid things need to get done, but its all about how you manage getting the dumb AND the important tasks executed efficiently and effectively. AMEN! Do you know …

Flash Sale!

Hey B.A.D. Girls! Just a quick post to let you know about the flash sale happening at! We are giving an additional 10% OFF on all orders placed now until 12 pm PST/3pm EST! We ship world wide, but if you have any questions about shipping or any of the products  just leave a comment here or send us an email at SHOP MyTee B.A.D. USE DISCOUNT CODE: BOO10 Hope you all had a kick ass Halloween! xx Nicole

B.A.D. Girl Tip: Giving Up vs Trying Harder

This is something we  probably have learned the hard way at some point in our life and being the  DETERMINED women that we are it can be difficult for us to just  throw in the towel. We aren’t quitters, because quitters never win right? Well, I strongly believe in NEVER saying never! It is majorly important for us to grow, understand and realize when we need to work harder for something or someone and when it is best for us to gracefully bow out. When To Try Harder: You haven’t actually “failed” yet You haven’t given 120% of your efforts Your heart tells you that you CAN You believe in your idea When To Move On: Your efforts are not being appreciated You are causing more harm than good YOU are not happy When do you think someone should move on or try harder at something? xx Nicole

B.A.D. Girl Style: Skulls on Skulls

I copped these suede skull loafers from Zara and they make me feel so pimp! I dressed them down for the weekend with a button up and bright colored bottoms. A special thank you to my good friend Jiselle for the awesome Vince Camuto necklace! Don’t these shoes look mad pimp?! My mom said I need to wear them with a silk smoking jacket! LOL What I am Wearing:  Skull Button Up – Mystique Boutique in NYC ZARA Pink Pants ZARA Skull Loafers Vince Camuto Necklace Michael Khors Watch BCBG Pyramid Stud Bracelet Lia Sophia Bangle Bracelet Marc Jacobs iPad Case **Photo Credit to my sister Nina! xx Nicole