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B.A.D. Girl Tip: Wallpaper Your Inspirations

What is the one thing that we probably look at the most in a typical day? I will bet you anything its probably your cell phone. I am pretty sure I check  my phone 50 times (shameful, I know) a day so I started putting positive quotes and inspiring images as my wall paper and lock screen and it really helps me control my thoughts throughout the day.This tip is especially helpful if you are focused on achieving  something in particular. I always switch it up depending on my mood and my goals for the day or week. Here are a few of my current faves! Whats on your phones lock screen or wall paper? Have a kick ass week! xx Nicole Follow Me: Bloglovin Facebook Twitter Instagram

Today Is The Day

Hey Friends! I apologize for the lack of posts recently as I am currently undergoing a new and exciting transition in my life! I took this photo and posted it to my instagram account on my last day of work; I resigned! It feels amazing and I look forward to the challenges, opportunities, and freedoms that await me! But for now I am taking it one day at a time because all we really have is Today. Make your life count! Expect regular posts and more soon! xx Nicole Follow Me: Instagram :: Facebook :: Twitter :: Bloglovin

B.A.D. Girl Tip: Live In The Now

The problem with setting goals is that they keep you focused on the future as opposed to the most important time, which is the now.  Create standards that you can follow each day that will allow you to live your life everyday as your best B.A.D. Girl self. Life is a sequence of moments all called now. Your nows will determine the outcome of your tomorrows (future) so focus on making the best out of them. How are you choosing to live each day? xx Nicole

B.A.D. Girl Tip: Don’t Waste Your Time

This quote just gives me life!  There is nothing worse than wasted time. I really admire people who make an effort to make each day count. Start by setting daily standards that you will stick to and allow for you to do more of what you love and less of what you hate. Set standards that allow you to determine how, when and with whom your time is spent. Your future is predicated on the decisions you make in the present so why not focus your energy on the NOW? Are you spending your time the way YOU want to? xx Nicole

The B.A.D. Girl Movement – #MySmarterCommerce

I began on this journey just shy of 3 years ago because I really disliked how the term “bad girl”  had been misconstrued into something really negative and ugly. I decided to use the blogosphere as my platform to get my voice heard and help create my own unique definition of what it means to be B.A.D. I started MTB Clothing because I wanted to design tangible items that when worn make you feel confident and fearless and remind you to always be Beautiful, Authentic and Determined. You know how wearing a leather jacket instantly makes you feel like a badass? I want our pieces to do that to you. The mission is to create a movement that will change the way we think when we hear the term “bad girl”. Instead of it being seen as a negative it will become a positive title that women will be proud to carry.  Tell me why YOU are a B.A.D. Girl for a chance to be featured on my blog! xx Nicole

Make It Happen!

Every now and then I need to seek motivation. Life is hard and it throws obstacles your way no matter how hard you try to maneuver around them.  It really helps to read positive words of encouragement. So I hope these motivate you to have an awesome week! Go out there and start towards your dreams. Take that first step! Do YOU! xx Nicole All images were found on Pinterest

MAJOR Fashion Inspo via Little Alaia Rose

So I was reading thru blogs last night and stumbled upon photos of this tiny fashionista Alaia Rose, daughter of celebrity fashion stylist Monica Rose on Skinny Hipsters blog. I immediately became obsessed, I mean, come on, how effing adorable is this little baby?! Tell me you are not dying right now over how stylish she is! She rocks a hat like its nobody’s business! And for my FAVORITE look: Alaia Rose rockin’ a leather jacket and biker boots! Now I know her mom obviously styles her, but I like to think little Alaia puts her input in. Maybe she points to which pieces she wants to wear. I dunno, either way I am diggin’ it and want a baby to dress up. Anyone out there want to lend me their child to style her b.a.d? 😉 Also, I have to stay Alaia def gave me major fashion inspo to experiment with different “looks”. This girl goes from boho to rocker to feminine and I want to start doing this more. Thanks Monica Alaia! All …

Happy 4th!

Happy Independence day!! I hope all my American readers have an awesome day celebrating our country. Here are a few Americana photos I stumbled upon while browsing Pinterest. Have an awesome day and HBD to the United States! Xx Nicole *photos via pinterest, not my own*

Do the Weekend!

Fuck Yeaaaah! The weekend is here and it is going to be gorgeous hot weather here in NY and I am excited. So here are a few photos for some weekend inspo! CHEERS to the freakin weekend! Wishing you all a beautiful weekend! P.s I finally joined Pinterest and I am obsessed! If you are on there come Follow Me and I will follow back! 🙂 *all images via Pinterest*

Today is YOUR Day

Today is the day Live Your Life With Abandon. Be Courageous and Wild at Heart. Be Your Own (S)Hero. Follow Your Dreams, No Matter How Big They Are. FALL IN LOVE. Be Generous and Truthful. INSPIRE SOMEONE. Take Chances and Be Spontaneous. Make Friends Wherever You Go. CREATE HAPPINESS. Smile at Strangers, Were on This Journey Together. This Is YOUR LIFE… Make It BEAUTIFUL. I found this baby at TJ Maxx and I couldn’t pass it by. I LOVE quotes! Have an amazing week! Be B.A.D.! xx Nicole