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The REAL Reason Why You Aren’t Happy

It’s virtually impossible to be happy when all you do is focus on the negative aspects of your life. Every time you speak, tweet, THINK negative things and more importantly allow these thoughts to effect how you feel you are attracting more of the same.  So keep talking about your stressful job, lazy s/o, and lack of funds if that’s the life you want to continue experiencing. Do you really want to be happy? Start focusing on feeling good and putting your mind to focus on the things that you do want. Stop complaining to everyone about your problems and instead make a conscious effort to really focus on your blessings and all of the amazing things you desire that will essentially make you feel happy. Make a Pinterest board if you have to, but do something that will allow you to put your energy towards positive thoughts. Like the quote above says, happiness is a habit which means we need to develop it over time.  How your life turns out is on you so make …

B.A.D. Girl Tip: Get Your Mind Right to Get In Shape

B.A.D. Girl Lifestyle Tip: The law of attraction states that what we think about and more importantly put feeling behind we bring about in our lives so everyday I make a conscious effort to think and feel good as much as I can. In doing this I have seen amazing results with my fitness goals and I want to share with you guys what I have been doing besides eating better and exercising. I have made the word “weight” a taboo. I no longer use the word weight because if you constantly worry about putting on weight or gaining weight or even losing weight the universe has no choice but to give you WEIGHT! I don’t feel Guilt. If I want to enjoy a piece of cake or order french fries with my meal I do it and I enjoy it and I don’t allow myself to feel guilty for it. Feeling guilty will attract more guilt in the form or weight gain! I use positive mantras. “I am healthy” and “I am slim” are my go-to’s. …

B.A.D. Girl Tip: Give Without Fear

The holidays can be super stressful especially on your pockets, but we have to remember this time of year is about giving and spreading joy.  I read this a few days ago when I was feeling stressed and it instantly put things into perspective for me. I hope that it will help you out if the holidays have you feeling a little cray-cray too. If you are thinking, “I don’t have enough money to give,” bingo! Now, you know why you don’t have enough money. When you think you don’t have enough to give, start giving. As you demonstrate faith in giving the law of attraction must give you more to give. -Excerpt from The Secret How do you give back during the holidays? xo Nicole Let’s Connect:  Bloglovin  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  Youtube  SHOP

B.A.D. Girl Link Love: A Beautiful Love, 4 Girls Kill It On Stage and Attracting More Money

Hey B.A.D. Girls! I hope you all had a great week and are enjoying your weekend! I am keeping it low key after last weekends fun. Here are this weeks links I am loving! This amazing husband shares the intimate photos he captured of his wife during her battle with breast cancer. They capture love and loss beautifully. via Upworthy I love slam poetry for the bold statements that are made and these 4 young B.A.D. Girls rocked it during a recent competition! via Youtube The holidays are fast approaching and I am sure the thought of $$$ and having to spend it may be a concern for some of you. Reading this post about money and the law of attraction really helped me shift my thoughts. via JoyPassionDesire Thoughts? Share with me in the comments!  xo Nicole Lets Connect:  Bloglovin’  Facebook  Twitter Instagram  SHOP