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BAD Girl Love Lessons

Relationships are tough and I am constantly learning about myself and about dealing with others. Here are 3 lessons I learned in 2011 that I want to learn from and work on in 2012. 1.  Complain Less I catch myself being a bit more annoying than I would like and luckily I am women enough to notice and admit it. 2. Be Okay With Being Wrong This is a tough one, especially for us B.A.D girls, right?! I am learning to accept when I am 100% wrong and just shut my mouth. 3. Live in the Present I will be honest at times I have resorted to digging up past bull shit and bringing it to life again. Though I do not do it often I want to eliminate it completely. Holding on to negativity from the past only hinders future growth. What are some love lessons you experienced this past year?

“I love his big ego” ~Beyonce

Let it be (B)eautiful: Your ego can be a big bitch sometimes. But when you really love someone your ego shouldn’t be a third person in the relationship. Haven’t you heard – Three is a crowd? Learn to drop it and just admit it when you are wrong. Let it be (A)uthentic: Being creative and original keeps your relationship exciting and fresh. When it comes to birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, special occasions, its your time to show just how much you love your partner.  Anyone can get your guy a ‘congratulations’ card for his new promotion- as his significant other your gift should be better! Buy him something personalized for his office/desk, put up cute signs around your home reading “Welcome home Mr. VP of Finance”, or dress up as a naughty assistant and tell him you are ready for your first assignment! Get creative! Let it be (D)etermined to last: As determined women we strive to be at our best and to get ahead in our careers. However, as a B.A.D girl we must not …