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B.A.D. Girl Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Guys

I think these pillow cases are pretty funny and cute ($39) Pura Vida beanies are not only cute but they support a great cause too ($20) This soft knit sweatshirt by Urban Renewal is made of vintage + deadstock materials ($34) A cool clip by Crooks and Castles for him to keep track of his keys ($20) Entice your guy to start cooking for you with this fun recipe book ($15.95) Mantry (The Modern Man’s Pantry) offers 6 American Artisan food products in a wooden crate each month along with recipes! ($75) A face moisturizer that will also condition his beard/facial hair ($34) ‘2 DIE 4’ Socks from  Arthur George by Rob Kardashian  ($15) A watch always makes a great gift and this red wood Flud watch is dope ($130) This ash tray is a cute and kitschy gift idea ($10) What are you getting your Valentine? xo Nicole Let’s Connect:  Bloglovin  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  Youtube  SHOP    

TLT: 3 Things About Men

1. Men are simple beings.  Men tend to be logical thinkers and they keep their emotions out of it. Emotions are what make things complicated. 2. Men don’t change and us nagging them to do so only makes things worse. Yes, people grow and mature, but the foundation and personality that they developed will not waiver.  3. In order for a guy to commit you need to make it a requirement for him or it won’t happen. What do you think of these “facts” about men? Truth?

5 Things You Should Not Stop Doing

1. Going out with your friends. It’s so important not to lose yourself in your relationship. Make sure you both are spending time apart and enjoying time with your respective crews. 2. Don’t stop laughing at his jokes. This shouldn’t be hard to do. If you were faking it just to make him happy in the beginning  than you better keep up the act! 3. Keep your personal issues between the two of you. Its best to wait until you are both back home to talk to him about how he kept cutting you off at dinner. 4. Oral. It must be done whether you love it or hate it. And if you hate it well than you better get to loving it and make sure he returns the favor of course. 5. Boosting his Ego. Some girl just checked him out? Tell him about it.  He’s gotta know he’s still got it after being wifed up for so long. Thoughts?

JC Launches Shoes. For Boys. Who like shoes!

Jeffrey Campbell’s latest Capsule collection is for the fellas and it features 3 of the brands most loved womens styles (the Glitter Lita’s, Area’s & Switchblade’s) in men’s sizes.  Welcome JC Boys! I kind of really love this look (above), its friggen dope. I normally blog about boys on Tuesdays with my TLT posts, so I think its appropriate for me to cover this campaign since its for boys, no? I know, I know, the dudes I blog about wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of 6 inch glitter boots. These are for the boys who love fashion and I totally support JC for doing this. I was actually at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago and I overheard some guys complaining about not being able to find nice womens shoes in their size. JC to the rescue! I dig it, what about you? 

3 Things I Didn’t Understand About Guys When I Was 16 yrs old

1. Men rely heavily on the out of sight, out of mind theory. They are visual people so they try their hardest to remove any and every thought of you when things go sour, but it doesn’t always mean they don’t care. 2. During an argument a guy needs time in his “man cave” to reflect on what was said before he can respond back. So if he is not saying  anything to you after you just finished chewing his head off, relax, it is normal. Annoying as all hell, yes, but it’s how they operate, or something… 3. He is a  “Mr Fix It” by nature so while you are venting about your day he is trying to find ways to solve your problems. This is how he thinks he is helping and more importantly making you feel better. Most of the time all we want is a shoulder to lean on and a listening ear.  Men don’t know this so we have to put them on. To be continued & continued & continued… …