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Five Photos Girls Need to Stop Posting on Instagram

I love instagram, but like all forms of social media it causes people to do annoying things. Now, in full disclosure I would just like to say that males can be guilty of these offences as well so fellas take note. So here are my top IG pet peeves in no particular order… Sloppy Manicures I love a great manicure just as much as the next chick, but what I don’t like is seeing photos of your manicure you did yourself with more polish on your skin than on your nails. You could have at the very least waited a day until that polish comes off before posting a photo of your “art work”. The lying in Bed #NoFilter Selfie Ummmm I always find these pics super awkward and think they should be reserved for your significant other or at the very least your booty call.  It’s such an intimate photo that as a female who isn’t interested in boning you I would feel like a super creep if I were to like your pic. …

Happy 4th!

Happy Independence day!! I hope all my American readers have an awesome day celebrating our country. Here are a few Americana photos I stumbled upon while browsing Pinterest. Have an awesome day and HBD to the United States! Xx Nicole *photos via pinterest, not my own*